Sunday, December 02, 2012

Escaping the Cold: Day 1&2

What a wonderful whirlwind trip we took last week, to Thailand... We could have escaped the cold of Korea and made our way to the beaches in Phuket, but we decided to forgo the those, and check out the jungle! So we packed our bags last Friday, and on Saturday (at "o'dark thirty") made our way to the airport, to head to Chiang Mai... northern Thailand. We still escaped the cold, it was plenty hot when we arrived in the late afternoon... but to be honest, what was better than the heat, was the smell that hit us as we exited the airport... it was delicious. It smelled like flowers and spa mixed together... simply divine. I didn't take pictures of our first day... since it was filled with mostly travel and then light exploring to our hotel and relaxing. I know, it's shocking, but I just wanted to leave the camera in the room and experience Thailand a bit.

I did however manage to cling to my camera our first full day there... and snapped more than enough pictures throughout the entire trip, that I get to share with you over the next few days.

We spent nearly EVERY morning about 1-2 hours by the pool after breakfast... our little fish "has returned" and reminded us every morning before breakfast, that we needed to go to the pool. Daddy gave her some lessons while we there... we've got to work on the kicks... but overall, she's doing pretty well... soon enough we'll take off that vest.

On Sunday, there's a HUGE night market of handmade items or local items for sale... and TONS of food vendors ALL over the place. After a few hours of swimming and relaxing... we made our way out into the city to do some exploring. Loved seeing all the different modes of transportation- like tuk tuks (the motor buggy scooters) and all the mopeds. The biggest surprise, was that everyone was driving on the OTHER side of the road... had to revert back to my thinking like the time we spent in the UK. 

We found the BEST Vegan restaurant while there... the pad thai with tofu... was phenomenal... as were all their smoothies. SUPER delicious. If you're ever visiting Chiang Mai, and you're near the "old city", head to Juicy4U... you won't be disappointed. 

In between exploring the city, and making our way to the night market, we definitely stopped at one of the MANY massage places along the way. Who could pass up a 30 minute foot massage for $2.00? 

It was a great first day of vacation... and I can't wait to share the rest of our adventure over the next few days... sorry for the photo overload, but just know, you've been warned.
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  1. That night market looked busy! Good thing there are enough massage places to soothe your sore feet :)

  2. I'm not going to lie, Thailand has never been on my 'must visit' list, but after seeing your post, I may have changed my mind. The food, the markets, the colors - it looks beautiful! Enjoy your time.