Saturday, December 29, 2012

How We Roll

And how did we spend the hubby's birthday?  Sleeping in ( a little), with yummy food from his favorite restaurant in Seoul, and then an afternoon at The Korean War Memorial... Not so crazy exciting... but it's how we roll.

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  1. Son, you may find this interesting. I reported to my first assignment in Minot. A captain came into base orientation (where I was at) and said, "Lt, come with me, we have a job for you!" Long story short, an engine had fallen off a B-52 (like the plane behind you in these pics), into a farmers field. I had a security team set up an NDA, and we guarded that thing for a few hours until a crane could come get it and drag it back to base. That was MY INTRODUCTION to the b-52! Looks like your day was a lot better. HBD2Y!

  2. Such a handsome picture of Jason up there!! :) And was that the restaurant that we went to in Seoul together?? Such good memories:) Can't WAIT to have you guys close!!!

  3. Oh, we love Suji's! Ryan's been there a few times, and I've only been once. BUT, the day I did get to go was the day that Kim-jung Il's death was announced. So, maybe I need to keep going back??