Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Week { bump }

Today I technically hit 15 weeks, but these shots and updates are from week 14... the start of my second trimester. I can't believe how quickly time flies... just about as quickly as my tummy seems to be expanding. Each day I feel like I'm being stretched from north to south, east to west...  but thankfully the nausea has lessened, and energy is slowly coming back. What has started, are headaches and back pains... ugh. I've had to ingest some caffeinated drinks just to to ease the pain... but since that doesn't help most of the time, I'm fairly certain it's all because of hormones.

Cravings: I still love fruit.. berries in particular, as well as oranges and apples. Blueberries are at the top though. I cannot get enough of them. Chocolate milk seems to be my "go to" drink to calm heartburn or take my pre-natal pill. I get the Horizon's brand... and it's fantastic. Soup is always tasty to me, at any time of the day (the other day I inhaled a quart of won ton soup from the Chinese restaurant... it was FANTASTIC).  Now comes the part where all vegans/vegetarians and clean eaters should look away/close their eyes... I'm LOVING hotdogs... in particular the NY Dog from Sonic, loaded with sauerkraut and onions. Now that I got that off my chest, I might as well admit that yesterday I ate 2 of them... yup, 2. Who does that? ... me. Oh, and chocolate... I love me some chocolate lately... not a lot... just a piece at a time. 

Turnoffs: Not too much affects my sniffer anymore... in the beginning, everything did... but lately, not that much. I still can't do anything with coconut milk in it, because it was something that I cooked a lot of in the beginning of my pregnancy, and now, it just doesn't sit right in my tummy when I smell it. Although this isn't food related, brushing my teeth seems to make me gag/dry heave like NO other. Seriously, it's almost guaranteed, that whenever that tooth brush goes in my mouth, I'm heaving at the same time. It's sad... but it is what it is. 

Even though I recently purchased preggo jeans... yes, I caved... I still wanted to be able to wear some of my pants that I love so much. My favorite wine colored pair, were begging to be worn, and although my legs/butt fit into them perfectly still... I could BARELY button that button standing up... forget sitting in them. So, I purchased a belly band as well. It's sort of uncomfortable, but totally doable for 1-2 hour errands, where I want to "look okay" and not wear my stretchy leggings for the umpteenth time.  I'm at that "puffy" stage, where I'm kind of sort of showing, or like I'm bloated/ate too much... hopefully this stage passes soon. It's amazing how much my belly has popped, when everything else has stayed the same. It's still early though, and I'm SURE lots will change along with my belly as well.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "Before this pregnancy has ended, I will have visited every gas station in OK to get a hotdog for my wife... and I want to know the sex of the baby IMMEDIATELY (so that I know if I'm going to have to pay for another wedding or not)..." 

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  1. I totally remember gagging when I brushed my teeth too! Thank God that went away after the first 20 or so weeks. =) You look wonderful!

  2. I am already totally in love with all the tree pics. And so jealous I don't have anything like that here!

  3. This note is for Jason. 1) you're lucky . . . your mom was fixated on hotdogs while you were developing in her tummy, too. Except hers had to be done ON THE GRILL, OVER CHARCOAL (and usually late at night!!!!!). Anytime Karen wants you to stop at a gas station . . . count your lucky stars and pull right in. 2) I had to chuckle at your wondering if there is another wedding to pay for. If it's a boy, we're talking trucks and power tools!!! BOTH KINDS ARE EXPENSIVE. We're just praying for a "healthy" one . . . and I know you are, too! Thanks for the smiles, and thanks for the updates. I LOVE that you are able to keep us in the loop even though so far away. Blessings to you all!!!

  4. bahaha! Your husband is so funny!!
    I love those pants and your bump is so cute!!!

  5. Love it! "The bump" is PRECIOUS!!! Also, LOVE the wine pants. ;) Super cute!

  6. You're so cute! I love your husband's comments....!

  7. Karen, toothpaste still makes me gag! Sorry. Good news you don't need it. Check out my Norwex toothbrush that uses only water and micro silver fibers to clean your mouth better than ANY thing else! You will love these