Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It is fun to see all the tiny/huge changes in the house that are happening daily/weekly. We try not to go over to it TOO often... but it's hard to resist a stopover, especially if we're in the area. With all the "passed" inspections, they seem to be busting out some serious work. At the end of last week, they prepped for insulation, which is this week. Once insulated, sheet rocking starts, and bricking of the house. We should see some significant "change" over the next week. There's something super fun about seeing it all come together. We picked out lighting yesterday, and appliances last week... whew, sometimes making these choices, is super tough. Then again, I think, I'm so happy to be HERE doing it, rather than in Korea over Skype! 

This house, is like a playground for Charlotte... every time we're there, we don't have to worry about "occupying" her time with ANYTHING... she's got that covered. 
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