Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unexpected Adventure

We sort of had an unexpected/unplanned trip to Dallas, TX today (not sure how I'm still awake to actually blog about our adventure, but here I am)... and an adventure it was. You're probably wondering why we made our way to Texas, but it's the nearest vehicle processing center, and our Toyota made it all the way from Korea! We've been sharing 1 vehicle over the last 2 almost 3 weeks here in America, and over 4 weeks in Korea... so as soon as we heard it was in Texas, we jumped in the car and made our way there to pick it up. We left at "O'dark thirty" in the morning (6:00 am on the dot), and made it there with plenty of time to pick up the car, visit my beloved Ikea store, and FINALLY see what all the buzz is about in regards to the store, World Market. We dined on Swedish meatballs, received 1 hour of free babysitting (thank you Smaland at Ikea), picked up much needed items for the house, and fell in LOVE with World Market (hello OK, it's time you brought one into the state).

Before we left, we made our way to one of the malls nearby, and managed to find a GAP that had a MATERNITY section... I was on cloud 9. Yes, I left the store with a pair of 1969 skinny jeans for 35.00, and a fun top for the summer (pictures to come soon). On our way out, we definitely hit a thunderstorm... like, "ran to the car and was SOAKED" thunderstorm... but we had a beautiful sunset on the way home...

Totally brought my Nikon d700 along for the adventure and didn't pull it out once! I'm definitely addicted to taking photos with my iPhone. It's light and easy... and super convenient. All these photos were taken with it (not edited one bit). Also... pardon my TERRIBLE look... no kidding, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on some "comfy" clothes for this adventure.
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  1. What a wonderful adventure!! I love all the photos!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great little adventure. :)

    I love World Market! The closest one to me is like two hours away, so I check out their website when I get the urge.

  3. What a great day! I'm so happy you found a GAP with a maternity section :) and got to hit up some other great stores.

  4. I know about that temptation to photograph with the i-phone now! Especially when I think of lugging around my camera bag- or having my phone already in my purse. need to work on finding the balance! :)

  5. Dallas is a great place to have an adventure! And we love that Ikea :)

  6. That's so close to my house!! :)