Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blank Canvas

Today marks the 2 week countdown until we're in our house! We can hardly wait... and have been trying to be patient... but friends, it's super tough. Every time we head back to the apartment after spending time in the house, we get super crabby... but we're down to the last 2 weeks, and that's something to celebrate, right? We've seen some MAJOR movements in the house this week... they put down our wood floors, and some carpet (only going in 3 of the 4 bedrooms), graded our driveway (that actually happened last week, but with the snow/rain, they had to put the concrete pouring on hold), poured the concrete for our driveway/front/back porch/walkway today, finished up electrical fixtures, put on door knobs, etc... by the end of tomorrow, the granite countertops should be in, and after that... there's not a whole lot left that needs to happen, before we move in.

We had... or maybe I should say, I... had high hopes of putting our handprints in the concrete driveway, before the cement hardened... but we got to the house too late, and weren't able to. Kind of bummed about that, but Charlotte still had a fun time seeing how the cement was being laid and cured... and had the hugest smile on her face, when I told her that she could use her sidewalk chalk ALL over the driveway... it's a HUGE driveway... which means a HUGE blank canvas for the little one. There will be lots of artwork going on as soon as the chalk is unpacked.

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  1. Your house is looking food!! I'm sorry you didn't get to leave your handprints - that would have been lovely!!

    When my mum was growing up her brothers + parents help build her grandparents house and they all carved their names in the cement and when we all went up there to visit a few months back I got to see it and it was like seeing a little piece of our family history!!

    I know that you are super crafty and that you will think of a way to leave your family name/handprint somewhere!! ;)