Monday, February 04, 2013

Fresh Air

When the temperature gage in your car says 68 degrees... the weather was BEGGING us to play outside. We headed to the nearest field, after a quick pit stop at Starbucks (I've been able to stomach the blonde roast drip coffee, with a lot of milk- hey, at least it helps me get through the afternoon)... and kicked around Charlotte's soccer ball a bit. Charlotte has really grown into her legs over the last 1.5 years... this girl is super lean, and super tiny, but she's ALL leg.  And boy, when she goes... she goes. Her running strides have really improved (they look great when she's chasing a ball), and her coordination has really improved. The girl might just be cut out for soccer in her future... Daddy joined us on his way home from the gym, and it was awesome having all of us outside together getting some fresh air. It does a body good...

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