Saturday, February 02, 2013


This week we received word that our closing date on our house is on 14 March (cross your fingers that doesn't change). All of our household goods are here waiting for us (we received tons of e-mails this week from movers who wanted to deliver it to us.), so that means we'll have all of our "stuff" on or around 15 March. Strangely, it's felt great living without it. Don't get us wrong, at times we're wishful for our espresso maker (the hubs at least), or all of our toys (Charlotte's request) or my sewing machine (my request)... but there's something simple and sweet living out of suitcases. I think we'll be excited to have all of our kitchen things here, so we can get back in, and start cooking a bunch. With my appetite back, I made 3 meals this week, and ate each and every one of them... it's SO wonderful. The hubby even came home one evening, said it smelled "divine" and INHALED his meal, saying it was the best meal he's had in awhile (sorry honey, I promise to get on top of eating things other than hotdogs soon... pinky promise).

The house has had a lot of progress this week. The entire inside was spackled and textured... the fireplace was bricked, the outside (as of yesterday-no picture yet) was finished being bricked, and they brought in some dirt to level off our front yard a little more. They also dropped off molding/trim and doors for the inside, which we were told, would be finished this weekend... and are apparently dropping off cabinets to install as well. LOVE seeing it all come together. I can't wait to get in there, and start making it "our home" now... all the personal touches we'll have on it. In the meantime,  I plan on taking a trip to Hobby Lobby this week, to create our front door's very first wreath... I know... exciting... but this girl needs something to keep her busy throughout the week.

The top half of the house, was JUST bricked, so it looks fresh and darker than the bottom half... but I assure you, it's ALL the same.

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  1. WOW . . . can't wait to see this in person!!! Major progress (for the Major and his bride).

  2. looks awesome!! love those bricks, so rustic!