Monday, February 18, 2013

"Silly" Little Eyes...

We're settling into Oklahoma nicely... we still have TONS of friends to catch up with, and move into our home... but we're checking things off the list. One of those things, has been medical appointments. We needed to get myself hooked up with a midwife (yup, I'm going to try and go that route for labor/delivery... first appointment with her on 26 February), and we needed to get an eye appointment for Charlotte, with an ophthalmologist... Last Friday Charlotte was seen by an ophthalmologist who specializes with strabismus (crossed eyed), and we have answers for our little one and her "silly" eyes. A year ago, we were in Hawaii, and Charlotte was having eye surgery on those "silly" little surgery of what we knew would be many in her future. A year later, she's scheduled for surgery on them once again... this time to help loosen some of the muscles that were tightened a little too tightly. Until surgery, we're back to "patching"... and the little one isn't quite happy about this. But, she knows it's necessary in order to fix her eyes. She's sort of in denial about it all, and tells everyone that her eyes are "just fine"... but she's a trooper, and this will help her focus both eyes a lot better. It's a 3 week countdown until surgery... and I'm going to soak up her "silly" little eyes each and everyday... after all, these are the eyes that I fell in love with in Ukraine nearly 2 years ago.

And my growing bump... for those that have asked... and poor TOMS that I've had for years... they're nearly done (right toe is going to peek through any day). 

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  1. Charlotte is SO tall!!!! Is she eating you out of house and home??

  2. Love that last picture of you and Charlotte! Such pretty girls :)

  3. Aw, praying for Charlotte's surgery! and you look great :)

  4. She's such a tough little girl! Praying all goes well with her surgery. Your bump is so cute!