Saturday, February 09, 2013

Sweet Incentive

We're nearing the last few weeks in the building of our house. It's getting to that point, where each time we stop by, something new is happening to the house. Earlier this week, they were staining the bathroom cabinets (a super dark brown since we have light floor tiles in the bathrooms) and installing. I wasn't able to go in it, to see it, because the smell was horrendous, and obviously harmful for the little one inside me. But according to the hubby, all is looking well. Friday, Charlotte wanted to stop over at the house to see it again and "play"... the girl LOVES to play in the front and back yard... she explores and pretends, and often we have to call to her to tell her we're leaving... she never wants to leave. She could play for hours (lets hope this continues once we move in, and the newness hasn't worn off). We decided to stop by Dunkin' Donuts before making our way over to the house, to pick up some "sweet incentive" to help the workers do a swell job... and Charlotte didn't mind that pit stop one bit.

When we pulled up to the house, I noticed my little one had some powdered sugar on her lip... apparently on the drive over, she decided that her good deed of dropping off donuts, deserved to be rewarded with a little sweetness as well... and indulged in 1 (that I know of) munchkin. We closed up the box, and made our way up to the house. 

There was some serious singing in Spanish going on (I think Charlotte was hoping they'd let her join in on the party-she loves music after all), that we heard when we got real close... We opened the front door, and there were tons of guys inside spraying all our trim/doors and kitchen cabinets, stark white. They were hard at work, but definitely excited about the yummies we brought over, and indulged in a couple as I took a quick (as in 5 second) look at how AWESOME the white looked. It brightens up the house so much, and with dark hardwood floors, it's going to be perfect. More pictures coming soon, as soon as I'm allowed to breathe in the air in that house. 

Hopefully the sweet little incentive helped encourage the workers to continue on... 

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