Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What happened to week 19? { bump }

From the start of this pregnancy (at my first ultrasound), I was measuring ahead of schedule... and it seems as though the trend stuck enough, for my due date to move up a bit.. yikes! So, I'm no longer "due" on the 24th of July... but rather the 16th... thank you miss midwife for that little tidbit of information that I received at our meet and greet yesterday. So... no week 19 bump update for you, but rather lets just straight to 20... shall we?

So, it feels like just yesterday I was posting about turning 18 weeks... the time certainly is passing by quickly... and to zoom by week 19, is an unexpected surprise... so it's safe to say I made it midway through this pregnancy! I finally have most of my energy back, although it comes in waves... it sticks around for longer than 2 minutes... and I am so grateful for that. I still have occasional morning sickness moments... Almost anytime I wake up before this little bug wants me to get up, I start dry heaving... and the dry heaving turns into vomiting. So, usually every morning, I'm up early, but I wait patiently in bed for a little "kick kick" before getting up, just to make sure the little one is  up and ready to go (and won't be angry with me)... I know, I'm already giving in to "he/she's" demands... but there's nothing worse than vomiting up bile... or whatever I had breakfast.

Cravings: fruit... fruit... and more fruit. I cannot get enough fruit. All day long, I want nectarines, strawberries or blueberries. I usually start my morning off with a piece... eat some as a snack throughout the day, and have a piece right before bed.

Turn Offs: hmm, I don't really have much new on this front, just the same- no Indian, and no coconut milk.

We had our first appointment yesterday with our midwife, and I adore her. There's a team of them... but she promised she will do EVERYTHING in her might, to be with me through my labor/delivery. I will be delivering at OU (Oklahoma University) Children's Hospital... my midwife will be my advocate, and as of right now, I'm determined to do this as "natural" as can be. I'm not even thinking about an epidural, because I want to try and give it my all... and she said she'd help me through the entire process... lots of preparation, but Lord willing, I'll have the strength. Go big or go home, right? The midwife really wanted to see our little one, as did we, so she pulled in her little ultrasound, and showed us little Sapling's parts... all of them, including "ahem" the gender specific ones. She said she's no pro at ultrasounds, but that she was pretty sure of the gender. When the hubby asked if it was a 60/40 or 80/20... she said, "NO, 90/10"..... So, we know what this little one is!!! But, we're still processing the news (at least I am, the rest of the family is completely elated)... and want to celebrate this time for a little bit before sharing with everyone. Promise you, we'll share soon enough. We actually go for our "official" anatomy ultrasound next Friday, March 8th, where we'll get some detailed pictures of the little one, and a confirmation on the gender. We're super excited, hate to keep this secret from y'all, but we really wanted to enjoy the news a little bit before we share. What I can tell you, is that I do not have twins in this belly... and that I've gained 8 lbs since the very beginning of the pregnancy... and it's ALL in my belly!

Daddy's thoughts on pregnancy so far: Daddy is silent this week... all he's been doing, has been grinning a HUGE smile since he found out the gender...

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy so far: "Um... I have light brown hair... and mommy you have dark brown hair... daddy has... (looking at daddy and trying to figure out what color he has-grey or dark brown)... dark brown hair... so I think baby is going to have hair, just like mommy..."  "Mommy, you need to say 'excuse me' " (in regards to every time I burp.... which is often, apparently)
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  1. So sweet Karen! And you look amazing :)
    Praying for you through this journey in natural childbirth. I am going this route as well. I'll be at a birth center with no option of anesthetics. I'm nervous and excited and learning lots of ways to prepare for such an adventure.

  2. Very sweet!!
    Good luck to you on a 'natural' birth. I had that thought, but gave in to the temptation. I give major props to you for being so willing!!
    Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl; I'll guess girl...
    By the way you look terrific!!

  3. you look incredible, friend. so excited for you. :)

  4. Phssst, boy. I think I said girl on FB. Changing now to say girl. =) Your comment about Jason grinning spurred the change.
    On an unrelated to this post note, SO SO SO excited for you guys about your almost finished new house!!!! CanNOT wait to see pictures of the inside!!!