Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zoo Day

With the beautiful Oklahoma winter weather... we HAD to head out for an adventure on Monday... not to mention, that Charlotte loves surprise outings. Our temporary 2 bedroom apartment gets cramped... so any outing, even if it's the grocery store... is welcomed. Every Monday, for the month of January and February, admission is free... and this Monday, was the last free weekend (since next Monday is a holiday). As soon as we pulled in... Charlotte had a huge smile on her face. She spelled out the letters, "Z-O-O" and then we sounded it out... and her smile was even bigger, "We get to see animals!". "Mommy, I'd like to ride on the elephants..." Oh, she was clueless... Thailand and our amazing all day adventure with the elephants ruined her... completely spoiled her. But she ran around the entire zoo, and had such a great afternoon... 4.5 hours really passes when you're out and about and not confined to a tight living space... we need more of these days.

We picked up a key at the gift shop on our way out, so the next time we come... Charlotte can wear the key around her neck, and then when we get to each station, she can plug the key in to hear all the interesting facts. Thought it could be fun, especially when we bring visitors along with us each time we go. 

And then today we looked out the window, at this... man the weather here is SUPER strange.

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  1. 1. LOVE the key...never gets old.
    2. SHEEP!! You know the way to my heart.
    3. Oklahoma...it's bizzare-o

  2. Yay for the Zoo! Yay for beautiful weather! Yay for family time! Love all your posts. Blessings. CB~in PC :)