Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23 Weeks { bump }

2 weeks have passed, and I haven't updated y'all on the bump... woops. You can definitely blame it on getting ready to move into our home, and then moving into our home. It's kept us super busy, and not a day passes where I've been able to just relax and put up my feet (except during my 5-10 minute breaks that I take throughout the day). Not to mention, it's tough to remember just document this bump and it's progression! Progress... it certainly has. Things are starting to get a little uncomfortable. Last night was definitely a night where I just couldn't find the "right" spot in order to have a cozy night's sleep... my hips just didn't want to relax. I know it'll get worse... I'm just being prepared for all those nightly feedings that'll happen when this little one comes along.

Since the last update, I had little one's anatomy ultrasound scan... and all is looking well. This little babe is such a cutie already, and the gender was totally verified. The reveal will come soon... I'm just waiting for the right moment to share (sorry people, the creative side of me wants to have fun with it, and at the same time, there's something special about knowing, without everyone else knowing). You will know soon, though... promise... pinky promise. The main news to report from this ultrasound, is that my placenta is pretty low, but they said it's common. Looks like it needs to be up high in order for me to deliver "naturally" (which is my desire). They said that usually by the next ultrasound, we should see a change on it's position. So pray dear friends, for a higher placenta (wow, I never thought I'd ask for this prayer request... like... ever!)

Cravings: I still want fruit as often as possible... and veggies with dip. Nectarines are high on the list... occasionally my body wants chocolate... and I cave, and give it a chocolate bar. It's not all the time, so I don't feel too guilty about it. 

Turn Offs: I haven't tried eating Indian... perhaps I should try again sometime soon. I might just be okay with it. Nothing really seems to standout as something I don't want to eat... not like how it was the first trimester, where everything would pretty much fall under this category.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: He wishes that my belly area was more like a "window" where you could peek in and see what that little one was doing... and He's SUPER happy that I have an internal furnace, because it makes driving in the car much more bearable temperature wise. 

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: She definitely is excited now by what baby "is" (gender-wise) and doesn't wish for the other anymore... 
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  1. I think I know! Oh but either way, I'm so delighted for you, my friend! You look lovely too :-) ... Jackie Montanaro

  2. i love these pictures of you two and your baby bump. the colors are stunning and both of you look so happy. :)

  3. you look great! and I'm stalking frequently to find out :)

  4. I haven't been able to congratulate you yet - so happy for you and your family! Don't worry too much about the placenta yet - as your belly grows, typically placentas grow up the side of the uterus too. It has time to move up into your 30ish weeks so don't stress yet! If you have any natural birth questions, I'd be happy to help...if you can, look into a doula! :)