Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Room Down...

Room by room, the house is coming together... and to complete the dining room, I needed some shelves. I saw these on my friend Haley's blog... and I knew I needed the hubby to replicate them for me. Thank you dear friend for inspiring me to hang shelves in my dining room, since my huge hutch doesn't fit on that wall. I'm fairly certain my mind was blank until I saw your dear post...

So to work we went yesterday afternoon... finished them, and hung them so that I could decorate them, and say that the dining room is complete. It's official, one more room is finished... so far on the list, the kitchen, and now the dining room. I promised you photos... and so I shall deliver on my promise...

I think, other than a runner for the table, that the dining room is complete. The colors I'm going for throughout the living, dining and kitchen rooms, is sort of like sea glass.... a mixture of greens/blues/teals. It's a very open space (you'll see in future pictures), and although there are two huge windows, they face southward.... so not as much light... so I wanted to keep it light and airy.

Some details about the room...

Paint color: Sherwin Williams- Wool Skein
Shelf color: Sherwin Williams- Dover White (same color as the trim/doors throughout the house).

On the shelf...

Most items are thrifted items from around the world... seriously. I'm not joking. I think some of my favorite pieces, are the light blue glass milk jug that I picked up in the Netherlands.  The light teal wine decanter on the top shelf on the right is from Germany... some call them "bubble jugs". That beautiful "D" print, is from Lindsay's amazing shop... go check it out, she does not disappoint. She has some amazing giveaways going on right now, to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday (soon) Lindsay!!!

If you have any questions about anything going on in this room... don't hesitate to comment and ask, I'll try and reply on the blog (usually I do personal replies) so that all might be able to see... hope you enjoyed the view, as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.
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  1. I LOVE it all! Doing an incredible job :-)

  2. I love your pendant lights, so fun!! Your dinner room is very pretty :)

  3. The banner bowls? Source! Literally this looks like the kind of room where beautiful things happen-coffee, homework, dying Easter eggs. :)

  4. That pedestal on your table....I saw some just like it yesterday at Koejen (sp) Antique Store. I LOVED them but didn't buy one because I couldn't visualize what I would do with one. Uh...duh. thanks, karen.

  5. Its so pretty! Now I want shelves like that!

  6. Karen, this is so happy and beautiful! So happy to see your home coming together!