Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hunter and Gatherer

The backyard "clear out" festival carried on today (and will continue into tomorrow)... lots of work needs to get done, before we get to "play"... and boy are we starting to get excited about the "playing" part. The best part about home projects, is that my hubby gets to purchase a new toy... today's tree removal project, is brought to you by... the chainsaw... boy did he look studly cutting down all those trees/branches. I felt like we were pretending to be Neanderthals, he hunted (trees/branches) and I gathered (into piles around the yard to chip and use as mulch)... even Charlotte joined in on the gathering. Together, we'll get this done.

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  1. i love how you describe things! :)

  2. How fun! I loved that part when we built our home back in 2006 - and the growing excitement about being done and letting the 'play' part begin! Lovely photos! xxx