Monday, March 04, 2013

"in" and "out"

It looks like a lot of "sweet incentive" is paying off... this weekend, while we were clearing "the woods"... we saw so many workers "in" and "out" of the house... Apparently this Monday morning (today), was one of the final inspections on the house, before we do a final walk through with the contractor the day before closing. We are ECSTATIC to say the least. It's been a long time coming... that it's almost surreal to know that our closing on the house, is nearly here. Yes, it's the first time in years that we'll have debt... but a house is totally worth it, right? It's an investment! I'm just excited to see all of our "stuff" in that space. We have a storage shipment being delivered the day after closing (along with all of our household goods), that we haven't seen since we moved to Germany... that's over 7 years ago! I can barely even remember what we put into storage... looks like a garage sale of some sorts is in our near future, as well as some selling on Craigslist.

Our yard is going to be a LONG ongoing project, even after we move in, but I'm so happy we've gotten a start on it over the last few weekends. It's amazing how MUCH acreage we have... getting super excited about building Charlotte a playhouse, and she LOVES the idea of it. She'll have to share it with the little one, once he/she comes along... but it'll be perfect for the two of them. Plans are already in action, now it's just a matter of executing!

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  1. So . . . now you need a little John Deere, to pull the tree roots out. Looks amazing so far!!! This is a a HUGE job . . . but looks like you have a GREAT start on it!!!!!!!