Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project Time

Not even all the boxes are unpacked, nor is the house organized and in order... and we started/finished our first house project. I suppose this house project is to help create "order" and to  initiate further organization in the house... and I'm happy to say, it did just that. I had the hubby create some shelves for me for my dining room area, and for another area in the house that'll be deemed the "frame wall"... not only did he create beautiful shelves for me, but I got to watch him use power tools... so studly. I then sanded and painted (don't worry, this preggo wore her mask and didn't breathe any nasty chemicals in)... he hung them... and I decorated them (reveal on tomorrow's blog post)....

There's nothing I love more, than having some "family" time spent outside in the beautiful weather... Even Charlotte enjoyed the process.. she played with all the scraps and built her own little creations. We worked and spent time together until the sunset... my kind of day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal of the dining room shelves... they're beautiful, and you won't want to miss it. 
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  1. Charlotte is getting so big! I feel like I can't say she's cute anymore - she's too grown up for cute!