Saturday, March 09, 2013

Seedling "markers" DIY

One of the things we've really been looking forward to, about being homeowners, and in one place for awhile... is gardening. Sure, we could have planted small container gardens on the porch while were in Korea, but it rains SOOO much during the summer, thanks to monsoon season, I'm afraid we would have had a decent amount of "failure"... and failure, doesn't help a newbie feel like they actually could potentially have a green thumb. We plan on planting 4 large boxes in our backyard, packed full of veggies that we tend to eat often... Hoping for a little harvest to get us through the end of summer, and to wet our taste-buds for gardening. Instead of purchasing all "mature" plants from garden centers, I decided to try my hand at "seeding"... to get us started. 

We picked up some of our favorites (more than what's pictured above), as well as a "pellet" tray... they're super easy to use... 

Now, because there are typically 72 pellets per tray... and more than likely you're not going to seed 72 of each packet of vegetable... (that'd get pricey), and you'd have a WHOLE lot of crop, I created some "markers" to help divide up the trays... that way you don't get confused by which plant is which. 

Seriously... there are SO many uses for those little Starbucks "plugs"... I opted to use these, because I had them on hand, and because a toothpick would start to warp from all the water/moisture that it sits in. I used some fun decorative tape, and created a little "flag"... and wrote the name of the vegetable on each flag. For the tomatoes, I had to get specific, because I had more than 3 different kinds. 

Place them in the appropriate spots in the tray, where you switch seeds, and you have yourself an organized tray... should make planting that much easier... should, is the key word... I'll keep you posted on how they progress, and if this girl (points to self) actually has a green thumb or not. 

FYI: Another fun use of Starbucks "plugs" are to use them in "sword fights" with your little one... just keep your eyes at a safe distance... lucky Charlotte has shields, aka glasses, to help aid her.
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  1. Good Luck - if you need/want any help let me know. We are not doing a graden this year - we are letting the soil rest. I am a little sad about it. I can help you - when it hits 100 here in oklahoma and you need to water for hours, call me. I also have great fertilizer you just have to collect it yourself.