Saturday, March 16, 2013


It has been a doozy of a ride trying to "close" on our house and move in... and as of now, we're still waiting on the "closing" aspect of it. Hopefully, by next week, we'll be official owners. Right now we're "squatting" (if you want to call it something)... but thanks to the owner of the building team, we were able to move in, and live in the house until our close date (because it was our mortgage company's fault). They ordered the appraisal too late... as in the day after our original closing date. Needless to say, if we had to wait to move until we closed, we would have had to have 1. rearranged all of our shipments that were being delivered to the house 2. pay rent on a temporary apartment for the whole month, when it would only have been needed a few days 3. moved all by myself into the house, because the hubby starts his training next week. So thankful for understanding people (thank you owner of 4Corners)... and that brings us to Friday... the day of crazy mayhem. The night before all of our shipments arrived, I'm fairly certain I only had 2 hours of sleep. Everything that could have happened... happened ( leg cramps, baby kicking, cat meowing, little girl peeing the bed)... but I was on 100% adrenaline that morning, because I knew we had tons to get done. It started early... and definitely felt like the longest day I've had in awhile.

Not only did all of our household goods come from Korea, but we also received a shipment that we've had in storage for nearly 7.5 years... We'll definitely be putting a ton of stuff on Craigslist soon... and other selling mediums. We also had our new couch delivered, as well as appliances... man, it's going to be a lot of work unpacking all these boxes, but I promise to give you a full tour as soon as everything is in it's place.
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  1. We got our HHG's yesterday too!! It's a tad bit overwhelming for sure, and now they're all shoved to the middle of all the rooms so we can paint all the walls. Who knew painting would take so long?? Ugh. Good luck with your organizing!

  2. God is good in how He has orchestrated everything! Just don't stress, take care of momma and lil one :-) Do you have help?

  3. Sooooo much good stuff here! a) A fairly large number of people are homeless in USA, many don't have a decent meal. YOU ARE BLESSED by a loving God financially, physically, spiritually . . . so MUCH to be thankful for.

    That "little girl" is turning into a beautiful young lady. Love the long hair, the loving eyes, and the knowledge that she is safe, so far away from the orphanage where she started. I never see her without picturing "gottcha day" and her rescue! What great parents she has.

    This may feel like a mess now, but it's a good kind of mess, surrounded by things that evoke such positive memories, and happy travels. PLEASE take the time to revisit the memories as these personal items take their place in your home. It's the memories that are sweet.

    Lastly, you are surrounded by those who love you. There is no safer or better place to be -- no matter what you home looks like at the moment. YOU ARE LOVED by so many -- especially those in PA (both sides of the family). You just can't go wrong, Karen. You just CAN'T go wrong.

    Smiling for you!!!!! Smiling BECAUSE of you!!!! Praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!