Tuesday, April 23, 2013

27 Weeks { bump }

Another week down... and another trimester down... I'm officially in the 3rd trimester... and it feels... uneventful. I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling absolutely ginormous these days, or if it's because I've been suffering the last few days from a TERRIBLE head cold. Pregnant with a cold... is no fun. I'm letting it run it's course, and it's just miserable. I will not dwell on it any longer in this joyous blog post...  in fact, I will end my rant with a funny for you: While blowing my nose out yesterday... I might have blown too hard... and MIGHT have tinkled myself. Yes. I'm pretty sure I face palmed myself when that happened... and there you have it, why pregnant ladies should not be allowed to get sick.

I had my final ultrasound last week (barring no complications arise), and it seems as though my low lying placenta has moved up! Which is awesome news. Before the ultrasound the tech asked me if I had any pain going on anywhere... to which I shared with her how this little one is digging in my ribs. She looked at me, and stated, "Wow, that's a bit early... she still has room in there... I wouldn't expect that for a few more weeks..." Low and behold, midway through the measurements, she was looking for the feet... and where were they? in.my.ribs. enough said. She LOVES my ribs... and there's really no way of getting her out of them, mostly my right side. Her head is low, in my right hip area, so when she strikes my ribs, usually it's with a bum, or she heel digs. It's quite lovely... But we loved seeing her active, and especially another view of her profile... she's looking a lot like Mama... especially my nose. She kept trying to cover her face, like she was either wiping her eyes, or being shy... pretty sure it wasn't the latter, that doesn't sound like a Davis trait.

Today I have my beloved glucose test... we'll see how that turns out. What I can say, is that the morning was rough. I LOVE fresh fruit, and that's usually part of my morning breakfast... but not this morning. Neither was yogurt or granola... I had an egg white omelette with spinach and cheese, as well as some bacon.  My husband would be proud of my breakfast, but this little girl was NOT impressed... and my desire to eat fruit is growing by the minute. I'm totally bringing a banana with my jar of peanut butter to snack on after the test is taken. Oh, and I should also find out how my iron level count is soon, they'll take blood for that as well today.

And because I just couldn't resist... Charlotte wanted to get her "maternity" pictures in too... seriously, this was all her idea... she's celebrating her "food" bump apparently. 

Cravings: fruit... fruit... and more fruit. I honestly could eat it all day long. Fruit popsicles also sound delicious right about now (but I can't think fruit... I have my glucose test in a few hours). 

Turn Offs: nothing I can't eat... had Indian curry last night, again... and it was DELICIOUS... put in extra cauliflower, and I was a happy camper.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: I'm fairly certain he just wants me to stop complaining these days... I'm constantly telling this little girl to stop poking me in my ribs, and all he does is watch me squint. Throw in a head cold, and it makes for a whiney preggo lady... he's just been quiet, and listening... when he's not taking care of me. 

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "This baby needs to stop kicking your ribs... " she pretty much mimics anything that I say about the baby. At our last ultrasound, she definitely stopped watching the iPad for about 10 seconds to listen to baby's "beatheart"... 

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  1. Karen, you look fabulous!!! Definitely not ginormous...beautiful! :) I especially love your spring-y scarf. And how cute, Charlotte posing for her "belly" pictures. Haha!

  2. you are totally beautiful! & I love that scarf - where is it from?