Sunday, April 07, 2013

For The Food

Sometimes, you just need to get away and "escape" for a few hours, away from your house... remember how I wrote in the last post about being in need of some family time? Well something else that I've noticed I need... is some time away from the house. I'm here ALL week long... and Charlotte is here, ALL week long... so sometimes we just need to get away for a little, in order to come home, and appreciate it. For awhile now, Charlie has enjoyed playing "dress up"... anything and everything she can get her hands on, is considered free game for "dress up"... whether it's mommy's shoes, daddy's hats, her princess outfits from Target, etc.  When I heard that the Medieval Fair was coming to the local area, I just HAD to take my "princess dress up loving" girl to check it all out... and she had an awesome time. Even Daddy came along (after much begging on Charlotte's part)... seriously folks, if you think it's too "weird" of a place to go to... then do what we did... go for the food.

Just a few notes about the pictures: 

- First off, I tried... I mean I REALLY tried to take a picture of someone's elf ears... especially from behind... but in the end, I just couldn't bring myself to take it. I totally could have, but... I was just too in "awe" of their bravery on wearing them in public... 

- The music was super fun, and definitely one of my favorites...  

- All of the trees were budding... it's certainly my most favorite time of the year.

-Moments captured of our sweet girl (and her new "princess" get up) and daddy... are my favorite.

- In the "Got Kilts" picture... I was truly aiming just to capture the sign, because it made me crack up. But upon careful examination... it seems as though I also captured a picture of a guy checking out a girl's squirrel tail... ha! 

- The swing ride was hand operated.. and was AWESOME! Charlotte wanted to go on it over and over again. I loved the concept, and even better... it was super quiet. What you can't see, is that she's the only one going, "wahooooooo!" the whole time she went round and round in the circle. 

- The girl loves chocolate... enough said.

- Oh my yumminess... between the turkey leg, and chocolate ice cream cake bar (awesome invention)... you'd think I'd be full... but no... I had to have a kabob wrap. Before I even got my teeth into it, I had tahini sauce all over my belly... as if my belly didn't already have enough attention drawn to it... lets just add a little sauce. can't.take.this.girl.anywhere.

- The face on the little one, when we told her it was time to head home... 

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  1. Hey Karen, For some reason your blog has stopped showing up in my feed in Blogger dashboard. Any idea why? The last post that showed up was over 2 weeks ago. ?? I was starting to get worried!

  2. LOL ~ I totally missed the "got kilt" sign because of the guy and the squirrel tail; great pics