Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free Belly...

I know I've shared bump photos with you all... but I haven't shared "bare" bump photos with you. I'm fairly certain I spend a large portion of the day, walking around with my shirt lifted, especially if I'm laying down, just to "itch" it, massage it, or "release" it, so it doesn't feel so contained and squished inside a pair of pants or skirt/dress. I call it my free belly (you know, sort of a play on words, with the movie "Free Willy"), and I just can't help it... This is usually the time that my little furry feline friend LOVES to cuddle up next to baby. He definitely senses her, in there... and she definitely feels his "purrs", because she usually kicks A LOT when he's near. We'll see how he is once she actually joins us... something tells me it's going to be quite the introduction.

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  1. aww love this! Our cat was alive only for our first baby, and he loved snuggling on my belly :)

  2. our cat loved my belly two... miss our kitty :/