Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday's snippets

... it's Friday... and it feels fabulous to know that the weekend is here... Here are a few "snippets" from today, that made me smile in some shape, way, manner or form:

- It seems as though my green thumb is totally sticking around... for now... and my perennials are starting to sprout up. SO excited to see them as more mature plants.

- We've had rainfall... I mean... POURING rain, for the last 2 days, so the dirt was nice and "ripe"... here in OK it's clay... and I'm still trying to figure out the best concoction for my garden to grow. It's going to take a lot of mixing to come up with the BEST soil substitute for my little plants.

- With all of our feathery friends visiting our back porch... we hung up our birdfeeder (thanks to Grammy)... now, our friends need to grow courage to come close enough to the window to snag some yummies. So far, there has been at least one bluejay and a few others that have come to finish off the food that dumps on the floor... but they'll soon realize where the jackpot is! 

- A new paint color, for a fun furniture re-do I worked on today... I'll blog more on that next week, so stay tuned. 

- A drinking jar full of ice water... I could drink at least 20 of these a day, especially when it's warm... and little baby FLIPS out, literally and figuratively, over the cold ice! 

- Charlotte decided that she needed to create a "bubble show" for the workers that were working on the house across the street from us... she likes to put on performances, and they had NO idea what was going on... poor thing... but I still loved watching the show... she's a bubble making champ.

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