Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The weather here in Oklahoma... has been bipolar, to say the least. Some days we're playing in 80 degree sunshiney weather, and others it's 38 and super windy, or storming. It's been tough to actually figure out a time that we should "plant" our seedlings... but we finally took the plunge. We planted my "babies" tonight, and we'll see what happens I suppose. We still have 4 more boxes to plant, but those seeds, I will just sow into the ground, since they're later summer/early fall harvest.

The hubs was handy again, and built some planter boxes for the seedlings that I started awhile ago. Yesterday he picked up enough of an organic gardening mix at the "dirt guy" in Oklahoma City, to fill 2 boxes, which was plenty for all of the seedlings that were ready to be planted. This afternoon, we planted... and it was sweet to see it all come together before I head to the East coast on Saturday (for 3 weeks). We'll see if my thumbs are still green... or if they're officially brown... only time will tell how this garden will grow.

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