Wednesday, April 10, 2013

25 Weeks { bump }

2 weeks has passed since my last bump update... but this is my first post where I can say "she" instead of "baby". It feels good to finally let the secret of her gender out in the open, and now you all get to celebrate with us... it was fun keeping it a secret while it lasted... especially since SO many of you thought it was a boy. Bring on the estrogen! She's been quite active these days... all she wants to do is roll around, especially at night. As I flip flop from side to side, unable to get comfortable, she flops from side to side, and then likes to stretch out a heel or whatever body part it may be, into my ribs... she tries to make as much room as possible in her tiny little space for her tiny little body... and boy does it leave me with a restless night's sleep. I still have so many weeks of being uncomfortable, I just might get some sleep at some point, out of sheer exhaustion.

I haven't really thought too much about her room, probably because she'll sleep in our room for quite some bit. I will start collecting some pieces for her room, and put it together (watch, last minute like everything else) before she comes along... but for now, I'm focusing all that creative energy (whatever is left in that portion of my brain) to the rest of the house, just trying to get it "ready"... ready for visitors- friends and family that'll be stopping by starting next month on.

One thing that has popped out, other than my belly, are my freckles! I've always had freckles, but they've gotten more NOTICEABLE in the last 2 weeks. They are completely taking over my face...

Cravings: ICE... all I want to do these days is chew on ice. I know... super strange, but super yummy to me. I definitely have been getting my fill of water, just because I add half a cup of crushed ice. The other day, I had a MAJOR hankering for sweet tea (made a pit stop at Sonic) and at 9pm sent the hubby out for a burger run. I still eat fruit like it's my job... 

Turn Offs: best news happened this week, in this department... I can FINALLY eat Indian food again! I used to want to puke every time I smelled it, or even thought about coconut milk or cumin... made a batch of curry in the crock pot this week, and ate 2 bowls of it! No longer a turn off. 

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "Late night craving runs are totally acceptable, if it ends in making a pit stop at Sonic for a milkshake for myself. "

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "Mommy... look, your belly button is going to pop soon.".... enough said. 

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  1. The craving for ice has a name, umm I can't think of it. It's a form of Pica. It almost always suggest anemia. I have had it several times when doing chemo, etc. Sadly mine was SO bad that I literally ruined my teeth. Call your Doc and ask to have a CBC. Also take/eat some iron fortified foods.

  2. I agree with your previous poster... double check your hemoglobin and hematocrit for low levels because it would also be consistent with burger cravings... lots of good proteins for you. *hugs* Your baby bump is SOOO cute! So excited for your four :D

    O and freckles darkening is consistent with pregnancy, too. You're beautiful with your freckles.

  3. look at that cute belly - looking lovely in those stripes, mama! :)