Friday, May 10, 2013

29 weeks { bump }

I'm a couple days passed my 29 week update... not too much to report. I've been back East spending some time with family/friends before this little one comes along and I have to add her to the travelling mix. I'm not quite sure what's going on with my belly... it gets bigger... which I'm sure means I'm doing my job. It hurts thought... I have this spot on my right hand side just an inch above my rib area, where I'm completely "bruised" feeling. I have some serious tender skin there... and I get sharp pains. Not sure if it's from the little one kicking up a storm on my ribs and trying to get "cozy"... or if she's "pinching a nerve"... it comes and goes... and is worse when I'm sitting... so I stand and walk... and rock this baby to sleep as much as I can (minus me sitting on my butt while I write up this blog post!)

I ended up failing my 1 hour and 3 hour glucose test... right before I left on the plane I had a meet and greet with the dietitian. She was a bit baffled as to how/why I could fail... but she says plenty of healthy young ladies, even yoga instructors, etc sometimes fail, because of hormones. She arranged a plan for me to eat more frequently (5 small meals throughout the day), including a high protein snack before bed. I've been pricking my finger, and all seems to be going well. Just increased my protein intake, whenever I eat a natural sugar... you all know how much I love my fruit. Seems to be the proper balance for my sugar levels, and so for now, I'll keep up with it. I'm sort of hoping that at my next appointment, after checking all my written down levels for the past 3 weeks, that my midwife will allow me to discontinue pricking my finger... but I suppose that's not my choice to make. 

Cravings: I still LOVE munching ice... and my iron count is PERFECT... so it's not a pica... just what baby loves.

Turn Offs: There's nothing this baby doesn't want...

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: Daddy's silent... he's had over 2 weeks without his girls... so hopefully he'll be fresh with energy for us when we get back... or maybe I should say, fresh with energy for Charlotte when we get back.

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: As Charlotte and I were showering not too long ago, she washed my belly for me, and announced, "Now baby is nice and clean." Also, she thinks that baby wears clothes in the womb... and asked how she "changes her outfits" each day.
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  1. Hi Karen ~ I'm the one that mentioned the Pica/anemia. It isn't anemia from iron deficiency, but from a low hemoglobin. Pica is actually the term for any abnormal cravings and/or eating things that are not in a normal diet. It can be ice/dirt/anything that is not a regular food. So, technically it is pica. Just not anemia. I would guess that they are checking your labs frequently if you had the abnormal glucose tolerance test.