Thursday, May 02, 2013

Celebrating Baby Davis

Charlotte and I (with my 30 week bump) have been here on the east coast for the last few days... We arrived on Saturday and have been having a blast seeing all of our friends and family... such a blast, that it's taken me some discipline to SIT and upload photos to the computer, in order to share with you all. On our flight over from Oklahoma, we actually had what felt like, "The shortest layover in all of history" in Chicago. We got off the plane, and already our next plane was boarding. If anyone else knows Chicago airport, it's safe to say, that it's a crazy/hectic airport, and everything is spread out... of course, we had to run to our gate which was in a different concourse... watching a pregnant body waddle/run is pretty funny these days. I'm sure EVERYONE who passed us had quite the laugh, at the sight of a 5 year old was running ahead, and a pregnant lady was trying to keep up with her kiddo and had her arms full of bags and carry on suitcase. We made it, and the plane took off 10 minutes later. Because of the short layover, it was no surprise that my suitcase with ALL of our stuff didn't arrive in Pennsylvania with us. The next flight from Chicago wasn't to arrive until the following day at 12, and the suitcase wouldn't be able to be delivered until that evening... so we were in a minor pickle... especially since Sunday was my baby shower. All of our outfits and toiletries were in that suitcase, and because the baggage claim certainly didn't want a hormonal crying pregnant lady on his hands (literally, that's what he stated), he gave me a voucher from American Airlines to spend 200.00 on what we "needed" to make it through, until our luggage arrived. We just need to send our receipt to them along with the voucher, and we'll be reimbursed! A little surprise, and almost a present from American Airlines. Lets say, I definitely treated myself to a new nursing bra as well as other "essentials" (wink wink). Pretty much picked up everything we needed at the one stop shop, Target, and felt a little rested knowing that I wasn't going to show up at my baby shower in leggings in a sweat shirt (what I wore on the plane).

I wasn't anticipating on showering baby Davis at all... but my sweet family through together a beautiful shower on Sunday, and we had much fun celebrating our sweet baby girl. I loved getting to see many that I haven't seen in what feels like ages! And even made new sweet friends! I felt a little bad, being "that person" that pulls out her own camera for the shower... but I just couldn't resist when everything was created so beautifully, and everything was super scrumptious. These are just a "few" of the many that I took... or were taken when I handed my camera over.

The whole time, Charlotte insisted that the party be for her, and not for baby... So many showered her with sweet gifts as well. One of Charlotte's "one-liners" from the party... had to be, when she stated that "onesies" are gymnastics outfits for baby. I'm fairly certain everyone had a great laugh. 
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  1. Glad you got "treated" by American airlines and glad you had such a beautiful party... the pics are great especially like the one of the two pregnant bellies... everyone looks beautiful and like you all had a splendid time.