Monday, May 13, 2013

I Need You

2 years ago, I was getting SO nervous about motherhood. We received confirmation of "travel" to Ukraine the last day in April, and 2 weeks later (around today), we landed in Ukraine, ready for our "journey" of adoption to officially begin. Yes, this journey technically started the moment that our hearts were open to adoption, the moment we started the paperwork process.  But the moment we touched feet in Ukraine, it became THAT much more real. Even though we didn't even know Charlotte for that Mother's Day, she was in my heart the whole time.  She is who we were praying for up to that point.  She is who made me a mother... my official first, and I couldn't be more thankful.

Being "mama" to Charlotte has refined me in such a way I never knew was possible. Motherhood is crazy like that... shows you struggles you have that you never knew was a struggle... and what's crazy, is that each child refines in a completely different way, because each child is completely different. I'm excited/nervous to see how this new little one is going to refine me in a different way. One constant that I have, is my reliance on God... He's ALWAYS there, and ready to hear from me. I just need to rely on Him... need to remember to lean on Him... and not on myself.

"Teach my song to rise in you, when temptation comes my way. And when I cannot stand I'll fall on you. Jesus you're my hope and stay. Lord, I need you, Oh I need you... Every hour I need you.  My one defense, my righteousness. Oh God, how I need you."
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  1. The picture of you and Charlotte kissing is so heart warming! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. So sweet! Love that last picture.

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