Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Melting Heart

Oh how my heart just melts when I capture my little muse on my camera...

May always seems to be the month of reflection for me... not that I don't reflect during the other months... but because this month marks our 2 years of "meeting" Charlotte for the first time, I become a little more pensive... and lets not forget how hormonal I've been from this pregnancy. I can't believe how big she is. How she's grown leaps and bounds. And somehow my mind keeps retreating back to when Charlotte was a little one... as in, as little as this baby in my belly is (size wise), and was born sooooo early and super small (somewhere under 3 lbs). I couldn't even imagine... I feel this sweet little one move around in my belly, and couldn't even imagine if she was "born" right now... how she would survive... which makes me look at Charlotte, and see her as such a fighter.... such a survivor... created... destined for amazing things. Her story amazes me... and unfortunately it truly isn't my story to share. I hope one day she'll want to share it with others... but what I do know...

this little one was created to melt my heart. 
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