Thursday, May 30, 2013

Waiting Out The Storms

The last few weeks since I've been back in Oklahoma from my visit to the East coast, we've been bombarded with tons of severe thunderstorms... and severe thunderstorms mean, tornadoes or hail. We've been pretty fortunate when it comes to being "hit" by these storms, compared to other places (like Moore or Shawnee), but still... anytime the warning is out, you sort of "freeze" and try not to leave your house, because you never know. Having a storm shelter gives us security, not to mention that these weather guys here, are FANTASTIC at tracking storms/predicting where tornadoes may pop up. They give you some decent warning.

The hubby flew for the first time in awhile on Wednesday, and go figure, his plane was diverted... Charlotte and I have been around and waiting out the storms... and we're hopeful we'll have him back by Saturday (my birthday)... in the meantime, I try not to go too far away, or plan too much in my days, knowing that I could be shuffling my preggo self into my storm shelter. I've got tons of "nesting" to do, and yet, there's only so much I can get done without the hubby around to help. So for now, we'll just turn on the sprinkler, and hand water the plants (I don't want them to be overwatered), and wheel in and out the herbs (I planted them in this amazing vintage wagon that I'll blog about soon)... and wait out these storms.

I might definitely be sunbathing my belly in the above picture... anything clinging to it these days, is just SUPER annoying... We are definitely being storm safe by carrying out my phone with "LIVE" weather streaming, to keep us in the loop. Charlotte has been on a Pocahontas kick... so while jumping through the sprinkler today for over 45 minutes, she might have been singing at the top of her lungs, "Just Around the River Bend..." 
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  1. I've been thinking about my friends in Oklahoma. They've been talking about the tornado last night on the weather here in Dallas. Definitely not my favorite time of year.