Thursday, June 20, 2013

35 weeks { bump }

Well... I'm here.. going into my 36th week of pregnancy... and was told at my midwife appointment on Monday, that I'm measuring well into my 37th week... you know, that little way of using the flex ruler over your belly to see how big you truly are? Yup, my midwife has me measured right at the beginning of 37 weeks right now... and I watched her sort of do a slow motion shake, because up until now, I've been spot on with each measurement. I think it's also because I haven't gained much weight, and again, as I hear all the time, "it's all belly". Since I have gestational diabetes (even though I have my blood sugar controlled perfectly), they're obligated to do one more ultrasound. So next week sometime, I should be heading to check in on "baby" one more time, unless she comes sooner. They want to check all my fluid levels, and see how big her parts are and what not. To make sure she hasn't gotten TOO big. She doesn't think it'll uncover anything... she's still predicting between a 6-7lb baby that's uber long... and delivery in the beginning of July. We'll see how accurate her predictions are (wink wink). She might just enjoy the little nest she's created in my womb SO much, that she'll be late. Who knows! It's crazy how much of a guessing game it is.

But since I have been having BH contractions (and slight cramping in my back and abdomen) and I'm considered "full term" based on my size... she said she'd let me deliver if she came along right now. One thing that was awesome, she definitely didn't do an internal check on my cervix.... as she said, she refused to "disrupt the peace"... the last thing she wanted to do, was start my labor when my hubby was flying. So, the only way she'll check... is if something questionable is going on... then she'll take a looksy... for now, baby continues to bake a little longer.

I did the drive to Dallas with Charlotte last week, and we picked up baby's crib and a few other things to prepare her room... my bag for the hospital is nearly all packed... really, I still question half the things I'm bringing along... and I'm preparing Charlotte for some time away from Mommy and Daddy (however long the pushing takes!)... she's THRILLED. Our co-sleeper is all set up and ready, clothes is washed and hung or folded in baskets... and necessities have been purchased. She can come now, and we'd be ready... but... if she holds on a little longer, we'll have more order around the house... but who needs order, right?

Cravings: There's nothing better, than crunchy ice... seriously... I munch on it ALL DAY LONG. I've been drinking tons of water and some blue gatorade (for electrolytes). I've noticed that my body wants TONS of proteins these days as well... 

Turn Offs: coffee... so sad.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "Just stay put a little longer girl... " (I think this comes out of his mouth, EVERY TIME I breathe a little heavier, or get him to massage a part of me, or when I complain about the cramping...).

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "I can't wait to meet my sister, sweetie, she's going to be cute." ..." I think sister is going to take baths with me."... "I think she's going to like oatmeal just like I eat oatmeal, but not the peach one, because that's my oatmeal." 
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