Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Herb Keeper

One of the things I really wanted to try my hand at... or really my green thumb (which used to be brown), is herbs. While in Korea, I tried to grow basil ALL THE TIME... and each time, it would die. I'd over water it, under water it, not give it enough sunlight, use too many leaves at once, etc. Such was the case with many of my other flowers.  Things have been looking great in the backyard garden, and so I decided to try and tend to some herbs... not one herb... but rather many herbs. I knew I didn't want to plant them all the way in the garden in the back of the yard, so I was on the hunt for something funky and easy to plant into. I wanted to keep it close to my house... I mean the closer, the easier it is to keep an "eye" on, and use... and I LOVE fresh herbs. So, out the hubby and I went on a hunt for the perfect vessel... After stopping in, in a couple of shops, I found exactly what fit all the qualities of what I needed, and then some.

It was just sitting outside in the courtyard of one of the stores, with a price tag that didn't even need haggling... just sayin' it was that good of a price. It's funky and eclectic and sooooo me.... and on top of it, when the storms come, I can easily wheel it under the front of our house for safe keeping, or wheel it into the sun when it's beautiful outside.

The herbs seem to LOVE it... I have basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, chives and sage. I forgot all about peppermint... but maybe I'll find a way to squeeze some in somehow. They've been living for over 2 weeks now... and I've used them nearly everyday when cooking... I'd call that a success.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some fresh recipes with you... simple and easy... but you'll need fresh herbs... so get your garden on. 
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  1. I really love the wheelbarrow. My herbs (I only have cilantro and basil right now).. are flourishing! My pretty flowers, however... well.. I guess I'm just not good with those! :/

  2. Oh, I love it! and love the idea of a contained herb garden :)