Monday, June 10, 2013

Here Comes the Sod...

Just a few short days ago we FINALLY had our sod delivery... we've been waiting for this for over 4 weeks, after changing our minds over and over on whether or not to seed or sod. The poor hubby tried seeding "parts" of our yard for trial, but nothing was happening fast enough. All of the storms kept washing the seeds away, and moving all the clay/dirt around in the backyard too much, so we decided to invest in a backyard, and just purchase sod... this way, we could still enjoy it this summer.

Two huge truck beds rolled up in front of our house on Friday morning, and the guys got straight to work. I was so impressed with how much sod was actually used/needed to turn our backyard from a 3/4 of an acre mudpit, to grassy meadow wonderland... 

It was actually Charlotte's ideas, that the guys needed blueberry muffins... so as soon as they got started laying down the sod, fertilizing, etc.... we got to work in the kitchen, and baked up some yummies for the workers... we brought out some lemon water, and boy were they happy... but inside, I think we were the happiest, seeing all the green get laid down. I literally felt like singing, "Here comes the sod... do do do... " all day long (to the Beatle's unforgettable, Here Comes The Sun). 

I'm fairly certain we have run around in it, danced in it, laid in it... and certainly have stared at it for hours... 
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  1. the changes from brown to green must have been such a sight!
    and what a thoughtful little girl!