Friday, June 21, 2013

In the Dirt.

Even with a big huge belly... nothing is keeping me away from my garden... This weekend we have plans to add 2 more raised beds (for squashes, cucumbers, watermelon plants-the ones I picked up from the market that are mature already, etc.) I can hardly contain my excitement about getting my fingers in the dirt... yes, it's not for everyone... and honestly, I never thought it would be for me... but look at that, things have changed. Maybe I'm getting old or something! Or maybe I just know how delicious fresh yummies from the garden taste.

Just wanted to update you on how all my early seedlings are doing... they've taken off, and I've loved watching them grow and enjoy their space these last few weeks. They're like my very own little kids, in a sense... again, I must be getting old.

I'm trying to get Charlotte excited about "gardening"... but I'm not sure if this girl has it in her or not... what I do know, is that I tried to make "harvesting" fun for her... told her to take off the hat, and catch all the beans (as I tossed them over to her!) ... that, she LOVED. She's also a big fan of just playing in the dirt, and watering... I'll take whatever I can get.

I've been cutting back all of the yellowed leaves, to help the plants grow stronger/taller, and send all the nutrients and water up to the important parts, like the flowering parts and green leaves. So far, so good... 

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  1. I think my mom tried to get me into gardening too. But I really don't have the skills.. not sure why. But I do have my first veg garden this year (which mostly the husband takes care of because I can't seem to remember to water it) We live farther north so our plants are a bit behind yours though.