Thursday, June 13, 2013

To the Farmer's Market We Go...

Last week, the Wednesday Farmer's Market started back up here in OKC... and I knew, that I needed to head there this week... I love farmer's markets, but sometimes it's super tough to get to the ones on Saturday, because that's usually family time. So I was itching to go to Wednesday's market, when I heard that it FINALLY opened. There weren't too many vendors, but just enough to pick up some yummy local stuff... seriously, EVERYTHING is either made/grown in Oklahoma... most near the city. I think my best finds were leafed and already washed kale, a beautiful red cabbage, and 80cent watermelon plants (I didn't get seeds in the ground soon enough, so I needed to find plants that were already well on their way to flowering and maturing). The only thing I could see that the market was lacking, was fruit... but it's typical, because nothing is really "in season" here in Oklahoma at this moment. But overall, it was so nice to just buy local grown items... gets me so excited to harvest my own garden.

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  1. Beets are wonderful for smoothies... what do you do with them? O and I love sugar snap peas.

  2. Are those snow peas? How will you prepare them?