Friday, July 26, 2013

One On One Time.

Even though we gained an extra body in our family last week, a body that totally demands ALL of my time... I've been trying to spend as much one on one time as possible with my other little lady. She doesn't come out and just say it, that she's jealous of how much time is devoted to Marley, but I can definitely see it. Charlotte has done a tremendous job at adapting to her new role as "big sister"... in fact, she's a fantastic helper for me as well. She loves to throw diapers away, brings me fresh new diapers, lets Marley suck on her finger when she's fussing, and totally has accepted some of my mood outbursts like a champ. I've had to apologize for short tempers (on my part) and it's a completely new stage in our relationship...It's not the first time I've had to admit wrongs that I've done to my little one and ask for forgiveness... but it sure feels like it's pretty much a daily ritual. Thankfully, she gives me grace, and understands that it's because I've had no sleep... that my patience are being tried.

So, there are times where I know I need to give my little one a little extra attention. The evenings, right before bed, have become "our time" together... usually Marley is asleep and I hand her off for some time with her Daddy... and Charlotte and I either spend time out in the garden... or I give Charlotte her bath, read to her and tuck her in. It's been great, and I've noticed she really responds well to this special time. I try and ask her questions about her day ( "What did you do with Daddy at the pool today?" "What puzzles are you working on?" "Can you sing for me?" etc.) and I just see her face light up. She's my first, and I can't let her forget how much she means to me.

Another thing that needs some attention, is our garden... boy has it been booming... right now the tomatoes are taking off... so what better way than to combine the two... some alone time with my lovely, tending to our yummies... sounds like the perfect way to spend some one on one time. 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Marley

Dear Marley Wren,

And so... our story began on July 17... well really, it started 40+ weeks ago... but who's counting? Now that you're out and about (literally and figuratively), your adventure has begun, and we're so excited to be a part of it. To actively watch as you grow... and become, we pray, who God has created you to be.
We get to start from scratch with you. Your adventure will be different from your sister's adventure with us. But that's what makes both of you so special to your Mommy and Daddy.

Marley, we've been waiting a really long time for you. We knew from the beginning that you were a fighter, the moment we heard your heartbeat. We've never heard a heartbeat so strong and fast as yours. As you grew and grew inside of Mommy over these last few months, we celebrated each and every milestone that we made it to (trimesters), that ultimately ended in your birth. One week ago, on the 17th of July 2013, you made your way into this world. Bright and early, at 6:38 am... by the way, both Daddy and Mommy are NOT morning people... so this feels sort of ironic. Your sister, however, is totally a morning person, so maybe if you float that way, you two can enjoy each other's company while we snooze a little... you know, down the road, when you're able to pour your own cereal.

Sweet girl, it's officially been one week since that grand appearance, and we can't get over how much love we have for you. Honestly... before you, we weren't "baby" people... Yeah, we knew we'd love to have one... but it was so easy to see friends have babies, play with them, and then hand them back to their parents. But the moment we saw you, we fell head over heels in love with you. You melted our hearts and we haven't recovered from the look you gave us the very first time you opened your eyes and stared at us. We stared right back, and in that instant, we knew that you were ours. God blessed us with you... and we have no words, but rather songs of thanksgiving for you.

You have taken on this world like a champ. Sleeping the days away, and awake at night... you sure know how to party. By awake at night, I mean... you really just love to feed at night, so that's when you're trying to get our attention the most. You've had your first well check, with Dr. Wilber, an amazing doctor who just adores you (how could he not?) You had a little bit of weight loss, which is typical, but not much. He said you're "looking fine little princess"... and sent us on our way. We have another check up for you in 2 weeks to get new measurements, and he expects some growth... so grow little one. But, don't grow too fast... because your tininess is something we're cherishing right now. We never experienced this with your sister (her story is different from yours) and so we're trying to savor every moment with you, the same way we did with her.

We can't take our eyes off you. We're savoring your unintentional smiles/smirks, especially the one that you make right before you make a big poop...yeah, I said poop, you poop a lot... the way you hiccup after most of your feedings, the way you stop crying at the sound of running water, the way we can't help but smooch your sweet cheeks, especially your folds in between your double chin/neck... the way you go from 1-10 on the crying richter scale in less than 5 seconds when you're ready to eat, your intoxicating baby's milk breath smell, and even the fact that you cry whenever we lay you down. Oh little bird (perfect nickname for a little one whose middle name is "Wren"), all you want to do is snuggle and be held. All you do is sleep on Mommy's chest at night. The moment we lay you down in the bassinet in our bed, you scream... I think you NEED to hear our heartbeats, in order to rest peacefully. We're not sure how we'll transition you into sleeping on your own, but for now, that's not a worry, because we adore your snuggly self. We'll take all the snuggles we can get, because we know this won't last forever.

We want to celebrate each month of growth throughout this first year, and will write you letters on the 17th of each month, the same way that we wrote to your sister each month on her "Gotcha Day" for the first year that we had her. This is just the beginning Marley Wren... of your story... We love having front row tickets to watch it all unfold...

We love you, more than you could ever imagine...

Daddy, Mommy and your big sister Charlotte
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Officially "due"...

Well, it's here... my due date is here... and I'm still pregnant... but possibly not for long. (I'm writing this post technically on the eve of my due date and this morning at 8 am, I'm being induced.) Everyone and anyone has told me, "There's no way you're making it to the 16th of July... " but yet, I did. At yesterday's appointment with my midwife, I was told that I needed to be induced... that everything was lined up perfectly- baby is nice and low and in perfect position, cervix is "ripe" and ready, but that I just needed a "kick start". My fluid levels are wonky, and so they'd rather see me try out induction and get this baby out, rather than keep her in any longer. The moment I heard the words, induction... I was filled with this overwhelming amount of confusion. On the one hand, I'm ready to meet her...  I don't want to put this little baby into danger (not if she's ready), but on the other hand, I really wanted things to just happen on their own, naturally... let oxytocin do it's job. But like my midwife said, sometimes you just need a "kick start"... and that doesn't mean the rest of this pregnancy won't be natural... it just means baby girl needs a little "push".

So here I am... one last "bump" photo post... I have actually gone back and watched the progression of my belly... and it amazes me. I know I've complained the last few weeks a lot... but I'm overjoyed that God has blessed me with this amazing experience of carrying this sweet baby all the way to her due date (+ or - hours depending on when she comes out)... what a miracle that I never thought I'd experience. Each week my belly grew bigger and bigger, and there came a point, where I didn't think it could stretch anymore.... and pop... it did. It's been itchy and painful, but it's part of this little girl's story, and I'm so happy I've documented it along the way. I think I'll be a bit sad to see this "bump" disappear... maybe... but only a little. To replace it with a sweet babe in my arms... that I'll take any day.

Daddy's final thoughts on the pregnancy: "4....3....2....1.... GO!" I'm fairly certain he's ready to see this finale through... 

Charlotte's final thoughts on the pregnancy: Every morning she comes and wakes me up in the morning, and the first thing she does, is check to see if my belly is still there... I told her this evening, as I tucked her into bed one last time (with my big belly), that it would more than likely be the last time she saw my belly this big, and that hopefully tomorrow baby would be out... she responded, "Then you'll come home from the hospital.... and ____ (insert baby's name) will get to read me a bedtime story tomorrow... and she can sleep in my bed." The girl is already planning slumber parties with her sister... man I love her. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kind Sir and a Blackberry Festival

Time as just the "3" of us, is slowly dwindling down... with the idea that this little baby could come out any day, I'm just trying to soak up all of the time that I can right now... because dynamics are surely going to change. I'm sure it'll be a good change, but it'll still require some adjusting. We made our way to a sweet little "blackberry festival" over the 4 day weekend, and really enjoyed the "small town feel". It was CRAZY hot... as in the 100 degrees. I'm fairly certain that everyone and anyone was staring at my belly, thinking who knows what. If only I could read minds. These days, whenever we're out and eating, I feel like it's "feeding time at the zoo" with the stares I'll get! Yes, yes I'm big... yes, I'm going to pop any day... no, I'm not having twins... and yes, I eat... a lot. But the sweetest thing happened at this festival... a man came over to my husband, and told him that I was beautiful... he went out of his way, to come over and tell my hubby... now that was thoughtful... and boy did it make braving the heat worth it.  Thank you kind sir, for cheering up this very large pregnant lady.

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Monday, July 08, 2013

4th of July Recap

I tried to stay away from the computer throughout the 4 day weekend... and then Monday's craziness came and went, and FINALLY loaded my camera to check out all the captures from this weekend... and all I can say, is that it was a FANTASTIC 4 days with my sweet family. Also, I know I've been begging this sweet baby to make her appearance, but I'm glad she didn't... just so that we could have a little more time together, as "3" before we turn into "4".

Our neighborhood pool and splash pad opened up this weekend... so you know where we were for most of it! We ate delicious food (some healthy, and some not), set off some fireworks, and even made it to festival (more pictures to come of that adventure on another post). The heat was crazy here in Oklahoma... but we made the most of it regardless.

On another note, I can't get over, how in just 4 short days, Charlotte has excelled at swimming. She's holding her breath under water, and staying afloat, and kicking like crazy... She is SUCH a fish, and I LOVE watching this new found love/skill come to surface. It's really surprised the hubs and myself every time we watch her go further and further... and then I think to myself, "What am I thinking... this girl has done NOTHING but surprise us with the amount of excelling she does... stinker!"
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Friday, July 05, 2013

They Will Come

"If you build it...they will come..." I figured it wouldn't hurt to try out the movie, Field of Dreams' motto, when it came to welcoming back the birds in our yard... well, let me clarify. We have birds. I just wish they flew closer to the house... and used our bird feeder that's nestled on one of our windows. I'm happy that they fly back and forth between the trees in our yard, and help keep the bugs out of our garden... and just wanted to reward them with a treat (and of course try and bring in more birds... closer to the house, for viewing pleasure.)

A craft I LOVED doing when I was younger, was homemade bird feeders, totally biofriendly ones. We would take pine cones, tie a string around them (so they could easily hang from tree branches) and dip them in peanut butter, and roll them in bird seed. So I decided to introduce Charlotte to this little craft, but changed it up some. Instead of tying them one by one to a tree... we used fishing wire, and created a "dangling garland" of pinecones. We made enough to hang 2 on our back porch... and we're hoping... now that we've taken the time to create these messy but fun masterpieces... that they (the birds) will come.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

37 Weeks { bump }

Yesterday, on my 8 year anniversary with the hubs... I officially hit 38 weeks. whew. Seriously people, we must love one another... I painted one of his gym walls chalkboard, and he cut my toenails... we celebrated in such a fun way, right?

 37 weeks came and went so quickly, and I'm extremely GRATEFUL for that. Everyday, I wake up, and wonder if "today is the day"... and then it passes... it's almost disappointing. BUT, I'm not going to dwell on it, until my due date comes and goes... hopefully, that isn't the case. I know she'll come, when she's ready, at God's perfect timing... but I just want to snuggle her already! The selfish side of me, really wants my body back... I think she's taken over the majority of it, for far too long. I'm excited to be able to sleep comfortably, even if it's in short increments... at least it's sleep...  Right now, I just walk around in a zombie state of mind.

Thankfully we've had a bit of a cool front over here in Oklahoma. Instead of cooking in the high 90's and 100's... we're down to the 80's, and it feels great. I'm getting a little reprieve, and it's exactly what this huge pregnant belly needed. Otherwise, I think I would have holed up in my air conditioned house until she arrived. I've been able to get out, run errands, pick up last minute items to finish decorating her "space" (aka nursery), and spend some time with Charlotte (before our time is split in half). I know how much this little life is going to shake up our family's dynamics... but lately, I've been trying to focus on how much her little life is going to rock Charlotte's life.  Charlotte pretty much has my full attention at her disposal 24/7... I'm sure it'll be a bit of an awakening for her once this little one comes along, but I'm hoping, it'll be a different kind, and not the jealous kind. She "knows" that her role will be "big sister", but I'm interested to see how she adapts to her new role. I'm sure there will be some struggles along the way... but I'm almost 100% sure, that this little one, is going to receive nothing but LOVE from her big sister... and I can't wait to document it all. Oh, the pictures... there will be lots... and I apologize already.

Every week, at my midwife/nurse appointment... the ladies all say, "I didn't think it was possible for you to get bigger... and then you go and get bigger..."... seriously friends, it's still ALL belly. I haven't gotten swollen ( I'm constantly drinking water/ice- adding citrus helps keep yourself from swelling!)... yet... no stretch marks... yet. But, my legs feel like I've run a marathon EVERY DAY, and are completely restless... putting them up for a rest, does nothing, so if anyone has any ideas, send them my way! 

I've LOVED reading everyone's predictions... and if you haven't yet, there's still time to join in on the fun, over on this post. The closest person, will receive something special from me in the mail! 

Cravings: Ice... anything cold. I can even drink coffee again, as long as it's cold. 

Turn Offs: HOT coffee... not cold coffee or iced coffee, just HOT or warm coffee, gives my stomach the willies. 

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: " Okay, I'm ready to meet her... I'm done taking all these belly photos for you..." 

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "She's going to watch me play with all my princesses... and I'm going to show her how to do gymnastics... like skin the cat. She's going to be gymnasteee like me (Daddy taught her that word! ha! ) 
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Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Baby Month { July }

I can't believe it... but the month of my due date... is HERE. There are items in the fridge whose "sell by date" are later than my due date (milk, cheese, eggs)... which is just strange. Tomorrow, I'll be just 2 weeks away from the date... and she could either be here, or I could still be waiting for her... either way... she's coming... and she's coming sooner rather than later. Realization is setting in. Everyone asks if I'm ready for labor/delivery. All I can say, is that she has to come out someway... somehow... and that my body was meant to do this... she can't stay in there forever, right?

My point of this photo was to just document the "date"... and that I've carried her all the way to her birth month... but I should have tried harder on the time. I should have waited one more minute, and then it would have read 7:13... the month and year... Oh well... pretend that's what your eyes are seeing! Any guessers want to place bets on date/time/weight? How about this... whoever is the CLOSEST, will get a special surprise in the mail from me!

Let the guessing begin (you have to leave a comment here on the blog sharing your order to make it fair for everyone).
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