Monday, July 08, 2013

4th of July Recap

I tried to stay away from the computer throughout the 4 day weekend... and then Monday's craziness came and went, and FINALLY loaded my camera to check out all the captures from this weekend... and all I can say, is that it was a FANTASTIC 4 days with my sweet family. Also, I know I've been begging this sweet baby to make her appearance, but I'm glad she didn't... just so that we could have a little more time together, as "3" before we turn into "4".

Our neighborhood pool and splash pad opened up this weekend... so you know where we were for most of it! We ate delicious food (some healthy, and some not), set off some fireworks, and even made it to festival (more pictures to come of that adventure on another post). The heat was crazy here in Oklahoma... but we made the most of it regardless.

On another note, I can't get over, how in just 4 short days, Charlotte has excelled at swimming. She's holding her breath under water, and staying afloat, and kicking like crazy... She is SUCH a fish, and I LOVE watching this new found love/skill come to surface. It's really surprised the hubs and myself every time we watch her go further and further... and then I think to myself, "What am I thinking... this girl has done NOTHING but surprise us with the amount of excelling she does... stinker!"
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  1. I always love how you work yourself into your shots ! You need to do a post about it sometime, you know in your spare time ;) Glad you guys had a good holiday before little bit arrives!