Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kind Sir and a Blackberry Festival

Time as just the "3" of us, is slowly dwindling down... with the idea that this little baby could come out any day, I'm just trying to soak up all of the time that I can right now... because dynamics are surely going to change. I'm sure it'll be a good change, but it'll still require some adjusting. We made our way to a sweet little "blackberry festival" over the 4 day weekend, and really enjoyed the "small town feel". It was CRAZY hot... as in the 100 degrees. I'm fairly certain that everyone and anyone was staring at my belly, thinking who knows what. If only I could read minds. These days, whenever we're out and eating, I feel like it's "feeding time at the zoo" with the stares I'll get! Yes, yes I'm big... yes, I'm going to pop any day... no, I'm not having twins... and yes, I eat... a lot. But the sweetest thing happened at this festival... a man came over to my husband, and told him that I was beautiful... he went out of his way, to come over and tell my hubby... now that was thoughtful... and boy did it make braving the heat worth it.  Thank you kind sir, for cheering up this very large pregnant lady.

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  1. How awesome! That small town your in is where I went to High School!

  2. Don't worry about the stares, you look lovely! You all do:)

  3. That kind man was speaking the truth! You are a gorgeous mama to be.