Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Officially "due"...

Well, it's here... my due date is here... and I'm still pregnant... but possibly not for long. (I'm writing this post technically on the eve of my due date and this morning at 8 am, I'm being induced.) Everyone and anyone has told me, "There's no way you're making it to the 16th of July... " but yet, I did. At yesterday's appointment with my midwife, I was told that I needed to be induced... that everything was lined up perfectly- baby is nice and low and in perfect position, cervix is "ripe" and ready, but that I just needed a "kick start". My fluid levels are wonky, and so they'd rather see me try out induction and get this baby out, rather than keep her in any longer. The moment I heard the words, induction... I was filled with this overwhelming amount of confusion. On the one hand, I'm ready to meet her...  I don't want to put this little baby into danger (not if she's ready), but on the other hand, I really wanted things to just happen on their own, naturally... let oxytocin do it's job. But like my midwife said, sometimes you just need a "kick start"... and that doesn't mean the rest of this pregnancy won't be natural... it just means baby girl needs a little "push".

So here I am... one last "bump" photo post... I have actually gone back and watched the progression of my belly... and it amazes me. I know I've complained the last few weeks a lot... but I'm overjoyed that God has blessed me with this amazing experience of carrying this sweet baby all the way to her due date (+ or - hours depending on when she comes out)... what a miracle that I never thought I'd experience. Each week my belly grew bigger and bigger, and there came a point, where I didn't think it could stretch anymore.... and pop... it did. It's been itchy and painful, but it's part of this little girl's story, and I'm so happy I've documented it along the way. I think I'll be a bit sad to see this "bump" disappear... maybe... but only a little. To replace it with a sweet babe in my arms... that I'll take any day.

Daddy's final thoughts on the pregnancy: "4....3....2....1.... GO!" I'm fairly certain he's ready to see this finale through... 

Charlotte's final thoughts on the pregnancy: Every morning she comes and wakes me up in the morning, and the first thing she does, is check to see if my belly is still there... I told her this evening, as I tucked her into bed one last time (with my big belly), that it would more than likely be the last time she saw my belly this big, and that hopefully tomorrow baby would be out... she responded, "Then you'll come home from the hospital.... and ____ (insert baby's name) will get to read me a bedtime story tomorrow... and she can sleep in my bed." The girl is already planning slumber parties with her sister... man I love her. 

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  1. Praying for a quick and easy delivery! I was induced as well and was terrified of the unknown, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! God bless you and your growing family!

  2. this is so precious. excited for you and your family, momma!

  3. Thinking of you today!! Praying your induction goes smooth and that baby girl comes quickly!

  4. As I write this, the "Bump" has arrived! I am so delighted for you, Karen. And, for Jason and Charlotte, too. From the photos you've shared, I can see that Marley Wren is Perfect-ly Beautiful. I will continue to pray for this recovery time and for these new days as a Mommy of a Newborn. Bury your nose into the soft folds of her soft neck and breathe her in. It is a Heavenly scent! My very favorite thing about a newborn baby.
    I'm looking forward to following along on this newest chapter of your life. Give both of your Daughters a little kiss on the cheek, from me. Hugs ~ Jo
    P.S. I almost forgot...you had the prettiest "bump" I've ever seen. That last shot was like a piece of art. He does amazing things with these bodies He created for us, huh?!