Friday, July 26, 2013

One On One Time.

Even though we gained an extra body in our family last week, a body that totally demands ALL of my time... I've been trying to spend as much one on one time as possible with my other little lady. She doesn't come out and just say it, that she's jealous of how much time is devoted to Marley, but I can definitely see it. Charlotte has done a tremendous job at adapting to her new role as "big sister"... in fact, she's a fantastic helper for me as well. She loves to throw diapers away, brings me fresh new diapers, lets Marley suck on her finger when she's fussing, and totally has accepted some of my mood outbursts like a champ. I've had to apologize for short tempers (on my part) and it's a completely new stage in our relationship...It's not the first time I've had to admit wrongs that I've done to my little one and ask for forgiveness... but it sure feels like it's pretty much a daily ritual. Thankfully, she gives me grace, and understands that it's because I've had no sleep... that my patience are being tried.

So, there are times where I know I need to give my little one a little extra attention. The evenings, right before bed, have become "our time" together... usually Marley is asleep and I hand her off for some time with her Daddy... and Charlotte and I either spend time out in the garden... or I give Charlotte her bath, read to her and tuck her in. It's been great, and I've noticed she really responds well to this special time. I try and ask her questions about her day ( "What did you do with Daddy at the pool today?" "What puzzles are you working on?" "Can you sing for me?" etc.) and I just see her face light up. She's my first, and I can't let her forget how much she means to me.

Another thing that needs some attention, is our garden... boy has it been booming... right now the tomatoes are taking off... so what better way than to combine the two... some alone time with my lovely, tending to our yummies... sounds like the perfect way to spend some one on one time. 

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  1. As an older sister who was only two years old when my brother was born, it can certainly be hard to understand all the attention a new baby gets! I'm so glad that Charlotte is so understanding and adapting so well - she is a remarkable little lady. And I know that she will cherish these one on one times, even if she doesn't fully understand the significance now.

    1. remarkable is a GREAT word to describe Charlotte :)