Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear Marley (1 Month)

Dear Marley,

1 month... it's been 1 month since you came into this world, and we met you face to face... wow.

You have rocked our world in more ways than one little girl... Just when we think we have 1 thing figured out (like your sleep schedule, or your cries, etc.) you like to switch it up on us... you know, to keep us on our toes. You are a spitfire dear one. You sure like to "tell" us when you're not enjoying that pee pee diaper (seriously... within 2 minutes of tinkling, you want us to change you), or when you need more to eat PRONTO, or when you have gas... at first you used to go from 0-10 in less than 10 seconds... and now, I think it only takes you between 2-5 seconds flat. But once we've figured out what it is you're "telling" us to do, you're as content as can be.

You love just being held, and honestly, it's alright with us. You'll sleep for a little in your rocking bassinet... but for the most part, your favorite place to sleep, is nestled in your Mommy's arms. Some of the longest lengths that you've slept at night (5 hours), have been on Mommy's chest... it's just your happy place.

In this 1st month, family and friends have travelled hours to see you/meet you... and snuggle you. So far you've met both sets of grandparents, Tante Tini & Uncle Mike and your 5 cousins, Uncle Joey, Aunt Courtney, and Uncle Georg & Tante Chris... you don't know it... but you were spoiled BIG time during those 3 weeks... they love you so much.

You also met your pediatrician, Dr. Wilbur for the first time... and I must say, we're impressed. He's a gentle old fella' who seems to have that "house call Dr. " feel. He's wise, and often answers Mommy's questions with... "You gotta trust your mother's intuition"... He believes in us... and well, we have kept you alive for 1 month! You've gained back the weight you initially lost, and then some... and have grown 2 inches... I'd say, you're doing just fine. We love seeing all your rolls and dimples and folds come alive on your body... you're filling out, and that means we're doing exactly what we're supposed to do... and you're doing exactly what you're supposed to do. We work quite well, together, as a team.

When you're awake, and alert, we can't help but stare into your eyes. Oh they're HUGE... and innocent, and we love how they're just taking in everything. We wonder what color eyes you'll have... we're hoping for green, just like both Mommy's and Daddy's.

Oh and that hair... don't even get us started about your hair. It's definitely unruly like Mommy's... with that bit of curl. You have Daddy's "widow's peak", and cow licks in the front, just like his. Each day your hair seems to get lighter... but thankfully the thickness remains.

Those long fingers... we're positive those are Mommy's long fingers... but those bent in pinkys... that's actually a Daddy trait that you inherited... both of his pinky fingers bend in as well... we're so happy that you and Daddy can share such quirky traits. Also, let the record state that in your first month, you mastered the "Live long and prosper" Star Trek greeting (the second shot, after the close up of your fingers).

Your belly umbilical cord/clamp fell off at day 4... and your Mommy freaked out. She thought that it would take many more days than 4 for that thing to fall off... but thank goodness for Google... according to the forums, it's not that unheard of for your cord to fall off from 3 days onward. As long as it's kept dry... realistically it can happen at any point... no set date... and oh look... your belly button is pure perfection.

Every time Mommy looks at your feet, she remembers how you used to kick her in her ribs constantly... and it is no surprise that it used to feel like you were bruising her from the inside out. Those flipper feet are ALL Daddy... and we can't wait to see what you'll use them for... secretly Daddy's hoping for a swimmer.

Oh how we adore seeing you and your sister interact. For right now, you just look at her strangely... but really, she looks at you in just the same way. She LOVES checking to see if you made a mess in your diaper, and is always willing to help. She doesn't understand why you cry so much (we've tried explaining over and over that it's how you communicate)... and repeatedly tells you, "Marley, stop complaining..." It's going to be fantastic watching your relationship with her grow over the years... and the best part... is that Mommy and Daddy have front row tickets to that performance. It's going to be entertaining, to say the least.

Marley Wren... in this first month... you've changed so much... you need to slow down. Just like we did with your sister, we're trying to savor each and every moment with you...

You sweet girl, have brought so much joy into all of our lives (along with a countless number of sleepless nights, but whose counting?) ... we will never stop thanking God for you...


Daddy, Mommy and Charlotte
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  1. Her eyes are beautiful!

    It's going so fast! They change so quickly and the newborn stage is gone before you know it.