Thursday, September 19, 2013


Part of the fun with homeschooling... is creating a FUN learning environment for Charlotte... and eventually Marley (yeah, I'm loving it so much, I'm definitely going to be doing this for awhile)... nothing screams FUN to me, as much as COLOR does, and we all know that I am not afraid of color. We have a tough time keeping crayons in one place in this household... and my sweet friend Sara recently introduced me to the idea of painted glass bottles (tutorials are all over Pinterest)... put two and two together, and I created a fun/unique way to contain crayons!

Pick out your jars... and pick out your colors. I went for least expensive acrylic craft paint from the craft store, because you don't need anything special. 

We squeezed a ton of paint inside (We used nearly half of the bottle, but it all depends on how large the vessel is, that you're trying to color)... make sure you cover the bottom of the vessel evenly, and then we flipped the vessel over, and rolled it. We let the paint dribble down most of the sides of jars, before we flipped them over and let the excess paint drip off. Once you flip them over, it doesn't take long for the paint to make its way out. Be sure to flip them before they stick to your newspaper or whatever you're using to catch the paint.

It's super fascinating, so be sure to set yourself up a little audience... I hear Disney characters LOVE color... 

Let them dry, and then sort your crayons into the jars... it makes for great practice with those that don't know their colors yet... Charlotte has had colors down for over a year now, but she still had fun placing them in their "homes"... and crayons are no longer floating around the house.

Doesn't it totally excite you, and make you want to sit down and color? 
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  1. Love this! As soon as Maggie is old enough for Crayons we'll get right on this :) I'm pinning it for later.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I've been saving jars recently to do some fall-colored painted glass decor...but yours is way more fun!