Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Charlotte (6th birthday)

Dear Charlotte Wray,

You are 6... wow. Most days we stare at you, in awe at how big you've become since you became ours. Whenever we tell you to slow down on growing, you laugh... and say, "no!" and shake your head at us, like what we're asking is something super silly... but we're serious... can you please slow down, a little?

You are 38lbs, and 106 cm tall... sweet girl, your legs are each a mile long. We know that those are going to be T R O U B L E for us, the older you get. Good thing you have a tough Daddy who is super protective of you. Your hair keeps getting longer and longer, and you don't want to cut it.... we're okay with that. You have the sweetest little curls... we can't get rid of the curls. You are on your 4th pair of glasses... but this time, it wasn't you who broke them, it was Daddy.

There's something about Disney princesses, that you adore, oh so much. They are pretty much your current obsession. I suppose, it could be worse. Your favorite color changes daily, depending on what you're wearing, you still love spaghetti with meat sauce, and you love to entertain (you perform musical routines HOURLY). This year, you learned how to swim... you are a fish. We cannot get over, how well you do in the water. You can even do a decent flip off the edge of the pool, into the water. It amazes us.

But the one thing that we knew you'd be great at, but enjoy watching the most... you becoming a big sister. Marley adores you... we knew she would. Every time you talk or sing, her head turns to try and find you. She follows you with her eyes so intently, and is taking in everything you do... she's already looking up to you. It's a tough role to have, but you're taking it on, like a champ. You're such a big helper, the way you ask to throw diapers away, place clothes in the washing machine, place her pacifier in her mouth when she's upset, and rock her. You're already such a big deal to Marley, and you don't even know it. Just wait until she follows you around and mimics everything you do...We'll have 2 singing Pocahontas' in the house. No joke Charlotte, she's already your biggest fan. But who wouldn't be?

Oh sweet girl, keep being you... the Charlotte who doesn't care what others think of you... the Charlotte who never meets a stranger, the Charlotte that sings and dances everywhere we go, the Charlotte that asks a million and one questions, the Charlotte that wears her dress up clothes/ballet outfits at least twice a day, the Charlotte that continually melts our hearts.... 

Happy 6th Birthday Charlie! 

Daddy, Mommy and Marley 

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  1. YAY! Beautiful post, beautiful girl, beautiful family.

  2. Beautiful post and such a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!

  3. Happy Birthday Charlotte! I love the pictures in this post - she is so beautiful!