Monday, September 09, 2013

Some of my favorite moments lately... are those times, when I walk by Marley's room... who I happened to put in there for some "play" time (and when I'm supervising, "tummy" time)... and I witness this...

Never in a million years, did I EVER think that I would have the pleasure of viewing this sight... both of them... mine. Wait, not mine... first and foremost HIS... but to know that He entrusted me with these two little lives... May I always remember to give Him the praise and the glory that He totally deserves... and a heart of thanksgiving for my girls. 

"I lift my life up, I give it all and surrender. I lift my heart up, you can have it forever. All my dreams, all my plans, Lord I leave it in your hands. I lift my life up, have your way with me. Have your way with me... Take my life and let it be, all for you. Take my life and let it be, all for you. " - Lift My Life Up, Unspoken
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  1. Beautiful sentiment, beautiful pics of beautiful girls.

  2. So in love!!! And yes, He does tend to send us the most perfect gifts if we ask Him for them. xoxo

  3. Motherhood really is one of the biggest blessings I've ever experienced. Totally love the pics!

  4. They are so precious! Isn't it amazing how the biggest responsibility of life is also the biggest blessing?