Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Marley Wren { 3 Months }

Dear Marley,

Oh, seriously... a quarter of your first year... done... seems so unfair, and so exciting at the same time. We're so sad that your little newborn self is slowly disappearing each and every day that passes... but we LOVE seeing you come out of that newborn shell.

This month, you've entered the exploratory stage. You are so much more aware, eyes are always open and bright taking in your surroundings. Oh those eyes, they melt our hearts. They're totally Daddy's big eyes, and we love them. They're starting to change colors a bit. Instead of being a vibrant blue, they're turning into this strange blue hue with yellow speckles inside... could they be going green like your Mommy's? They just might be (secretly hoping.)

Your hands are CONSTANTLY in your mouth... and if it's not your hands, it's our fingers or your pacifier. But mostly, it's your fists. Sometimes we think you're trying to play a game, "How many fingers can fit in there?" Literally, your whole fist does. 

At your 2 month check, you were just about 10 lbs, and over 23 inches long. We know without a doubt that you're even bigger than that now. We'll find out next month at your 4 month check up... but something tells me we're ready to move up a diaper size. Speaking of diapers, this month is probably the last month we'll be using disposables... next month, your little bottom will be trying out cloth diapers... we'll see how that goes. Something tells me it'll be pie for Mommy and not so much for Daddy.

Your feet are huge. Like, really huge. They're flippers. You're already wearing 6-9m socks. Yup. Big feet. Definitely not from Mommy. You're starting to become ticklish on them, which is super adorable. Charlotte enjoys tickling them, and watching you squirm and make "coo"ing sounds. You're SO close to finding your feet with your hands. You keep them up high in the air, and flail your arms... and you're just an inch a way from grabbing them...

Your hair... is crazy. We try to comb it down after baths, but it just spikes right back up. It has a mind of it's own. It typically hawks in the front, and become a cockatoo's tuft in the back. Crazy hair. But it's so cute, and fits you so well.

Sweet girl... words cannot even describe how happy you make us (especially since you continue to give us full night's sleep every night!) We love the smiles and coos we get from you each and every day... keep them coming.

We love you,
Daddy, Mommy and Charlotte
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  1. All I see is Jason in that last picture. She is such a sweetie!