Monday, October 14, 2013

Enjoying The Unknown

A sense of adventure... is an amazing thing. Since I began this homeschooling journey a few weeks ago, I noticed a trend: It's REALLY easy to spend a majority of your week, at home... sometimes all day, in pajamas. Outings have become something I've recently added into each week's schedules... it's really easy to go crazy when you stay at home all day, everyday, and hear a 6 year old chatter in one ear, and an infant crying in the other... just sayin. I felt like a part of my sense of adventure, was disappearing. Planned field trips, although great and educational, still don't satisfy my sense of adventure... so last week, I introduced Charlotte to the idea of getting in the car, and driving... not knowing exactly where we were going, what we were going to do, who we were going to see.. but rather to answer the question, "Why are we doing this?"... to cultivate a sense of adventure. With Columbus Day being today, I wanted to teach my little one, NOT about celebrating a man... who was a mean mean man, but rather the concept of adventure. The idea of enjoying the unknown...

So... we got in the car... and drove off... Tried not to get too far from the house, but to venture to a part of Oklahoma that we might not have explored yet.

First stop, Sonic... rightfully so, we needed just the right fuel to help us get on with our adventure. 1/2 price drinks after 2... yes, please. 

We drove about 20 miles away from the house, with the windows down, and the wind blowing in our faces (all but Marley's window, of course...) and took in the beautiful Oklahoma countryside. We stopped to see horses and cows... 

We let the wind play with our hair... 

We searched through fields to find the perfect sticks and stones to play with... and tickled one another with "tickle sticks"... 

And happened upon a little covered picnic area, where we could enjoy our drinks from earlier... 

Which just so happened to have a playground right next to it... to Charlotte, an outing that involves a playground, is just about the best outing ever. 

Things not photographed: getting pulled over by a police officer, because I was going 6 miles over the speed limit (he let me go with just a warning) and a diaper blow out.
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  1. Thanks for not photo journaling the blowout! haha

  2. I recently came across your beautiful blog and have gone back and read from the beginning. You have such a lovely heart and it is a joy to witness a bit of your family's journey. Homeschooling can be an adventure unto itself and I commend you. I realize Charlotte is young and teaching the history of Columbus was not your goal, but for future years I would encourage you to read the following book: It gives a more accurate account of Columbus and other great American figures from first hand resources. God Bless you and your family!