Thursday, October 24, 2013

'til next year

We had our first frost not too long ago, and that brought along the end to our garden. All the leaves on most of the plants shriveled up and turned black just a few days later, and the tomatoes stopped turning a beautiful shade of red... and just stayed... green. Although it's such a beautiful time of the year, with the changing of the leaves on the trees around us, it's kind of sad to say farewell to the garden. This was my "practice" year... figuring out what plants worked, what didn't... what to do next year, what not to do... and now I'm just so excited to get back in there next year. Especially because Marley will be old enough to crawl/toddle around. To prepare the garden, we pulled all the plants out, to compost. We cut down our strawberries, and covered the bed with hay. Although Charlotte would rather play in the dirt, she didn't mind helping with the hay, it was fun enough to keep her attention. 'Til next year sweet garden... 'til next year.

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  1. Zoe thinks marley is just precious and keeps trying to kiss her and hold her through the computer screen.