Monday, October 28, 2013

ZOO trip

Seriously, as previously stated in a post, I LOVE field trips... they are probably my favorite thing about homeschooling. We learn, we play, we get together with friends... win win for everyone, Moms included.

We decided to go halfsies with a dear family, and get a pass for the year... more trips to the zoo are in our future. We already had such fond feelings about the zoo, but now with the idea that we can pretty much go anytime, and just stroll right in... makes it even more enjoyable... especially when you add friends to the mix.

Of course, the added exhibits cost extra... but, "Stingray Bay" was definitely worth it, for at least a one time shot. There were stingrays of all age and sizes, and loved being pet.

Oh the parakeets... they are always some of my favorites to visit...

True story... while I was busy photographing the "cute" bird that just so happened to land in the stroller on top of Marley... he decided to go ahead and nibble on my little baby.

I think she was more startled by it, than actually hurt by it... it totally interrupted her nap. 

They also have the BEST playground... it's HUGE and there's even a music element to it... guess what part is Charlotte's favorite part? 

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