Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrating 106

Yesterday, Oklahoma turned 106 years old! Charlotte was so excited about our adventure into the State Capital to celebrate, especially once she figured out, that it meant that Oklahoma was a century... 100 years old... older than her. A few weeks ago, I was reading Oklahoma City's newsletter that goes out with the garbage bill, and made note of the fact that there would be a Reading Day celebration for children between the ages of Pre-K to Grade 5, on the front lawn of the Capital building, to celebrate Oklahoma's birthday. Sounded like the perfect field trip for the week, and it definitely was.

There were tons of school there, but we didn't feel out of place at all... in fact, I LOVED the fact that I was able to bring Charlotte and act as her Mom and teacher... and Marley LOVED the commotion of it all as well. 

She thought that the storybook characters were just as entertaining as Charlotte, and loved looking up into the trees and watching them sway, as Charlotte sat at the stations and listened to the books. There were so many volunteers there reading to children... some stations even had the actual authors there, reading their own books. 

I love that our state celebrated it's birthday with a reading celebration... Right now, with school, my main focus is to get my little girl to read like no other. She's doing so well, I couldn't be more proud. Her whole world is on the verge of changing... with reading, her imagination is going to hit even greater heights, as is the rest of her learning... and again, I get to sit by her side, and watch... best job ever. 
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