Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Marley Wren { 4 Months }

Dear Marley,

I'm one day late in wishing you a happy 4 month birthday... but that's okay, I don't think you grew too much in 1 day... but you did grow a lot since your 3 month birthday... that's no lie. We pick you up, and we feel it in our backs... holding you for countless hours, forget it, our arms feel like they might fall off. And lets not even talk about your length... you outgrew 3 month clothing, before you even had a chance to wear it.... skipped right to 6-9 months. But it's a healthy grow, and we love seeing all the changes. Your thighs are thickening (they're super scrumptious to us), you have little dimples in your fingers where your knuckles should be, and the sweetest little double chin. 

Your fingers are constantly in your mouth... wouldn't be surprised if we see some tooth nubs within the next few weeks. You're a drooling mess... but the cutest drooling mess we've ever seen. 

You found your toes this month... and they're your best friend. You can sit and play with them for hours, especially if you're wearing some sort of bootie bottoms that have an animal at the bottom. You stare at them, and want to stretch them all the way to your mouth. 

Your expressions are ridiculously cute, and we try and get you to laugh every moment that we can. You love when we surprise "boo" you, or make blurping sounds. You love being flown up into the sky, and adore rib tickles. 

We've had a little set back in your nightly sleeping schedule. You're not sleeping through the night again... and we think it's because you're going through a growth spurt. All you want to do is eat and play, and giggle at the wee hours of the morning. Your goal is to have Mama grab you, and cuddle you back to sleep... you love sleeping on your Mama, and we think it's because you're a tummy sleeper... but we'll still listen to the doctor, and not let you sleep on your belly until you're a little bigger. You have been napping in your crib on occasion, and you don't seem to mind it. We're still trying to get you on a regular napping schedule... it's the one thing you're not a fan of. We think it's because you're scared of missing something. You want to be a part of every moment, and we don't blame you sweet girl... life is fun, and especially fun with you in it. 

We love you, 
Daddy, Mommy and Charlotte 

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